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Kenya Moore’s Velvet the Dog Dead, Killed by Other Dog

Kenya Moore Velvet the Dog Dead, Killed by Other Dog

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore’s Velvet the Dog is dead. Kenya Moore’s dog Velvet the Dog was killed by another dog. A Kenya Moore crying cliffhanger dominated last week’s RHOA episode. Moments ago Kenya Moore tweeted that the loss is still very deep preventing her from tweeting during tonight’s telecast, LALATE can report.

Seconds into the telecast, Kenya Moore’s Velvet the Dog Twitter account re-tweeted Kenya’s message to fans. “l I can’t tweet tonight as I’m not strong enough yet 2 watch the upcoming episodes or talk about them. I thank u 4 your love #RHOA.”

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Kenya told her aunt in tonight’s telecast “I’m so sorry. It happened so fast. I let her outside and then. I came back inside and then I heard her screaming.” Kenya describes another dog eating Velvet alive. “I knew it was her. She was on the outside of the gate. And the dog had her in her mouth. He was dangling Velvet in his mouth.”

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Kenya rescued Velvet and rushed her to the hospital. “And we went to the hospital. I was holding Velvet and she was looking at me. And I had her and told her not to leave me. And right before I could see her life just go away.”

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Kenya tells viewers “Velvet came into my life seven years ago. And I wasn’t there to protect there. She always protected me.” Kenya is left in shock. “Why her, why now? I had her for seven years and nothing ever happened to her…. my whole world revolved around Velvet”. Kenya’s aunt says “maybe she is making room for something else to come into your life now.” Moore is now filming Celebrity Apprentice with Brandi Glanville who lost her dog Chica to coyotes last season on RHOBH.


  1. Tp

    April 6, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    So sad to hear that Velvet was killed but I can’t help but remember the stories I read months ago where neighbors claimed that velvet was left outside alone roaming the neighborhood where she previously lived. You can’t leave a small dog outside alone.. Ever! Especially a toy breed like a Yorkie. From what she said on camera, it sounds as though neither of the dogs were either in the safety of a private fenced yard or being walked on a leash by its owner. As much as I sympathize with Kenya for losing previous Velvet, i feel more sorry for poor Velvet for being left outside the safety of her fence without her mommy around to look out for her. Rip little Velvet. I sure hope Kenya learns a valuable lesson from Velvet’s passing and if she does decide to get another dog, she’ll be a more responsible pet owner.

  2. Robb

    April 6, 2014 at 7:31 pm

    My heart goes out to you. Nothing can compare to the unconditional love of your beloved Velvet. Keeping you in my prayers. She will live on your heart and soul.

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