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Kentucky vs. UConn 2014 Score Prompts Channel, Start Time for NCAA Finals

Kentucky vs. UConn 2014 Score Prompts what Channel, Start Time for NCAA Finals college basketball championship

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Kentucky vs. UConn 2014 (live score results below) are heading to the NCAA Finals. The Kentucky vs. UConn college basketball game will headline the Men’s College Basketball NCAA Championship Finals, fans learned tonight. But when the Kentucky UConn game, what channel is the UConn Kentucky game on, and what is the start time on the Championship Finals?

The Kentucky vs. UConn 2014 game was confirmed after final score on the Final Four games tonight April 5, 2014. The Kentucky UConn game will be on Monday April 7, 2014, officials tell news. And while the Final Four games were not on CBS, the finals will be on CBS. Start time on the college basketball game is 6:10 pm PST, reps tell news.

Kentucky vs. UConn 2014 features a number eight seed facing a number seven seed. Tonight, UConn vs. Florida 2014 ended in a 63-53 final score in the first of the NCAA Final Four games. Then later tonight, Kentucky vs. Wisconsin 2014 ended in a 74-73 finals score. Wisconsin had been up four points at halftime tonight, news analysts note.

Kentucky advances to the NCAA Finals with a 29-10 overall regular season college basketball record. They were 12-6 in the SEC. UConn in turn went 31-8 overall and 12-6 in the AAC. For live score results that night click HERE.

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