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Solomon Islands Earthquake Today: 6.0 Strikes Kirakira

Solomon Islands Earthquake Today: 6.0 Strikes Kirakira

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A 6.0 Solomon Islands earthquake today has struck moments ago. The Solomon Islands earthquake today April 4, 2014 began in the evening hours. Damage assessment is pending.

Officials tell news that a 6.0 magnitude Solomon Islands earthquake today started just after 10:40 pm local time. The quake was deep, and on land. Reps tell news that the quake started forty miles below ground level. As a result it could be felt across sections of the island.

USGS indicates to news that the Solomon Islands earthquake was seventeen miles west of Kirakira. It was one hundred thirty-nine miles east of Honiara. It started roughly five hundred miles south of Papua New Guinea and six hundred miles north of Vanuatu.

The same region has been struck by several even stronger quakes in the last year. In February 2013, a 7.1 magnitude quake hit the region. The quake began fourteen miles south of Lata in the Solomon Islands. The quake was roughly three hundred miles northwest of Luganville, Vanuatu. The quake was also roughly five hundred mile east of Honiara, Solomon Islands and northwest of Port-Vila, Vanuatu.

USGS tells news that “Since 1900 there have been 15 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded near New Zealand. Nine of these, and the four largest, occurred along or near the Macquarie Ridge, including the 1989 M8.2 event on the ridge itself, and the 2004 M8.1 event 200 km to the west of the plate boundary, reflecting intraplate deformation.”

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