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American Idol 2014 Results Tonight, Elimination? Sam Woolf Saved April 3

american Idol 2014 Results Tonight: Elimination April 3, 2014 4/3/14 Reveals Top 7 eliminated who was sent home

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The American Idol 2014 Results tonight have revealed an elimination for April 3, 2014 and your new Top 7. Who was eliminated on American Idol tonight 4/3/14, who was sent home on Idol, and who made the Top 7. American Idol elimination results this season have been predictable. Singers with the most visits to the bottom have been eliminated first, week to week. But tonight, did that change, or was Sam Woolf eliminated on American Idol?

American Idol 2014 results tonight feature elimination questions about Sam Woolf. Of the remaining Top 8, only Sam had visited the bottom three a total of two times this season. But last night, Sam did an exceptional job. Many American Idol elimination predictions thought that CJ Harris would get sent home tonight. CJ was in the bottom three last week with Sam.

But how were the other singers’ results last night? Malaya Watson sang “Isn’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin on Wednesday. And did the judges like it? All three gave it top marks. Keith said that Watson was “in such control”, Jennifer said that Watson would be a “huge star” and Harry said it was entertaining.

Alex Preston selected an original song “Fairytales”. Keith said that the audience loved it. Jennifer said that she enjoyed it as did Harry. Meantime Dexter Roberts sang “One Mississippi”. Keith thought it was a bit off; he remarked that Dexter wasn’t focused on the lyrics. But Jennifer loved the nuisances. Harry disagreed and said the performance was exceptional.

Caleb Johnson sang “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin. Keith loved it, calling Caleb a “blues warrior.” Jennifer said that Caleb “delivered it”. Harry however thought that it was too loud.

But all three judges agreed about Jena. Jena Irene sang “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. Harry loved it; he said that Jena own her version of the song. Jennifer said that Jena could win the season. And Keith loved it. In final results tonight, Malaya, Sam and CJ ended in the bottom three. Sam was selected for elimination. And the judges SAVED Sam. So there is no elimination this week. For continuing coverage of American Idol this season click HERE.

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