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Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn C Dennis Diffuse Whitney on Southern Charm: EXCLUSIVE

Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn C Dennis Diffuse Whitney on Southern Charm: EXCLUSIVEl

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Are Thomas Ravenel and girlfriend Kathryn C Dennis still together 2014, and dating, despite Whitney’s Southern Charm, or lack of it, last night on Bravo? Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend Kathryn C Dennis tell news that they are still together since Southern Charm wrapped filming in 2013. But last night’s episode left viewers guessing if Kathryn lied to T-Rav about Whitney, and if the relationship will survive. But online, LALATE can report, Kathryn spilled the beans before next week’s episode.

Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel and girlfriend Kathryn C Dennis have become the breakout reality stars of the season for Bravo despite virtually little push by the network. And while Bravo typically doesn’t want cast members to divulge upcoming episode secrets. Kathryn dropped some surprises last night as a new episode was airing.

Kathryn told Thomas Ravenel last night in private on Southern Charm that Whitney Sudler-Smith tried to get with her, that she rejected him, but that they did kiss, even thought she thought Whitney was gay, in his bedroom, shortly after he summoned her there after midnight. But when Carolina Day is held, Thomas Ravenel approaches Whitney, both his friend and his employer (as executive producer of Southern Charm). Then stuck in the middle, Kathryn sides with Whitney, so it appears, leaving T-Rav thinking that his girlfriend is changing her story. She says she and Whitney only discussed politics, that no kiss happened, and that Whitney was a true gentleman. So what is going on here?

LALATE can report that, on Twitter last night, Kathryn explained what really is about to unfold next week. Dennis tells news “This is where things get confusing. The story doesn’t end on this episode though.” She then explains “Diffusing the situation was exactly what I was doing. That convo wasn’t one for a dinner table. #Notoverthough”. Kathryn implies that she tried to diffuse the situation with Whitney because she did not think a dinner table was the appropriate spot to confront Whitney about the matter. She added “Soften the tension”. When one viewer remarked “You clearly got caught. Typical … move pitting 2 friends against each other,” Kathryn replied “just wait”.

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