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Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 2014 Score Strikes Champions League Results

Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 2014 Score Strikes Champions League League Results en vivo live score results uefa  soccer

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 2014 (en vivo live score results below) heads to the field within minutes for that UEFA Champions League soccer game for April 1, 2014. Man U is ready with a modified lineup. And Bayern Munich wants the win. But both teams are looking for big scoring today as the Champions League soccer quarterfinals action gets underway.

Today’s Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 2014 game (start time 11:45 am PST) features a rebounding Man United lineup. Man U has improved in recent weeks after a dreadful January to February run. Now the squad is holding three wins and two losses in their last five games. Bayern has three wins and two draws in their last five matches. The key today, nevertheless, is not winning but scoring. The team with the most number of goals after two legs advance. Several squads got sent home after the Round of 16 because they won a single match but delivered not enough goals in two games.

The EPL Table 2014 rankings are not at issue today. But Man U has improved in EPL Table games recently. The squad is still in seventh position. But they are now only two wins out of fifth position, one of their best position in recent months.

When asked about today’s game, Manchester United star Ryan Giggs told his team’s news site this week “Of course it is possible (for United to win the Champions League).” Giggs added “You need to play well, to get that little bit of luck which we didn’t have last year.”

Giggs doesn’t worry, however, about United’s critics. “Being criticized comes with the territory when you are a Manchester United player and Bayern are a fantastic team. They are favorites in most people’s eyes, but we are Manchester United and at Old Trafford we have had so many great nights.”

But Giggs thinks Man U can win today, and win big. “We don’t see ourselves as underdogs. It is going to be tough but it is always is in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. We are looking forward to it.” For en vivo live score results today click HERE.

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