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Kenya Moore Crying Cliffhanger: Who Died on RHOA? EXCLUSIVE

Kenya Moore Crying Cliffhanger: Who Died on RHOA? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A Kenya Moore crying cliffhanger left fans asking did Kenya’s dog “Velvet the Dog” die, did Kenya’ fake baby die, did her mom Patricia Moore pass away, or did her grandmother Doris Grant die? LALATE can report that, at the time the scene was filmed, Kenya Moore’s mother Patricia Moore was approximately 58 years old. Velvet the Dog is not dead. Velvet (aka Kenya) was tweeting during the crying cliffhanger last Sunday.  Since that scene aired, Tamar Braxton has been going in on Kenya Moore, Kenya’s 911 tape against Porsha Williams was released, and more details about the RHOA Reunion Fight 2014 surfaced. Moore meantime is still dating her African Prince, first revealed exclusively on LALATE as D’Banj.

Kenya Moore has previously told news that she was raised by Doris, her father Ronald Grant’s mother. Doris’ daughter Lori, Kenya’s aunt, who named Kenya as a baby, appears in the scene. So who “died”, or is Kenya crying about a fake baby? For now it’s not Velvet, and does not appear to be either Patricia nor Doris.

Kenya Moore is unlikely to have said that she would want to “protect her”, as she cries in the scene to her aunt. Kenya has been clear this season that she has no relationship with her mother even though she wishes she could.

Velvet Pictures Set 1
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LALATE can report that in 1993 Kenya Moore’s mother Patricia Moore granted a news interview to discuss Kenya’s wining of the Miss USA competition and her entrance into the Miss Universe. Whether or not Patricia’s claims were true at the time, Kenya’s mother claimed that “the door for communication has been and always will remain open [with Kenya]…I’m praying for her. I wish her all the luck and success in the world.”

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Kenya however vehemently disputed the same. Kenya from Westwood, CA said in 1993 “She would treat me like I was invisible… I can honestly say I don’t love her. I don’t even know her.”

The article claimed that Patricia got pregnant with Kenya when Patricia and Ronald were sixteen years old. Patricia then asked Ronald if he would let her put the baby up for adoption. Ronald refused. And Ronald’s mother Doris Grant agreed to raise Kenya Moore.

At the time, Kenya had yet to be named. Patricia’s parents sent her to stay with her sister Lori Moore at Central Michigan University. Thereafter, Lori eventually gave Kenya her name, for the country, because “she was dark and beautiful.”

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This season, Kenya has told news “I acknowledge I have a pattern of falling for men who are emotionally unavailable, physically unavailable in terms of distance, or categorically unavailable with respect to time or where they are in life.” Kenya added “Perhaps my pattern is that I unconsciously seek rejection or failure with these men, which sadly mimics my mother’s relationship, Kenya stated while she keeping her head up for a bright future… With that said, I will continue to work on myself so that I can be the best woman, friend, companion, and mother to my future children.”

Kenya further tells news “Since birth, my mother made the decision at age 16 to pretend she never had me. She has never spoken to me … Even if present in the same room with other people and family, she pretends that I simply don’t exist. She pretends I’m invisible.”

UPDATE: Kenya Moore just revealed that her dog Velvet has died. For more click HERE.


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