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Kenya Moore Crying: Mother Patricia Moore, Velvet the Dog, or Doll Died?

Kenya Moore Crying: Who Died, Mother Patricia Moore, Velvet the Dog, Doll exclusive

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Why is Kenya Moore is crying, who died? Kenya Moore is crying because someone died, RHOA revealed last night. Did Kenya Moore’s mother Patricia Moore die, did Ronald Grant’s mother Doris Grant die, did Velvet the Dog die, or did that baby doll “die”? RHOA knows how to move a cliffhanger, and last night producers pushed viewers’ search buttons.

Kenya Moore is crying because someone died and Kenya was not there to protect her. Kenya’s aunt says “you were there with her”. Kenya cries “I wasn’t there to protect her”. But Kenya’s aunt says “she is not coming back Kenya.” Who is not coming back, who was Kenya not protecting? It remains unclear if Doris Grant, Ronald Grant’s mother, is the subject of the scene.

Viewers took to social media for answers last night. And they didn’t get them. But they told Bravo loud and clear that they hope that Kenya is not crying about a silly doll. “Please tell me @kenyamoore is not crying over her plastic baby dying … Her dog must have ate it. Smh”, wrote one fan. Another added “I know that better not be that d–mn doll @KenyaMoore is crying about on the preview”. Another fumed “What happened? Why is Kenya Moore crying? Did she leave that d–mn doll in a cab?”

Velvet Pictures Set 1
Velvet the Dog Photo 1
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Last night, RHOA implied that Kenya Moore’s doll was a boy, not a girl. But then in another exchange, Bravo appeared to make the doll seem to be a girl. Kenya said she would not name the baby “Apollo” because he would land in prison. And she would not name the doll “NeNe” because the baby would have no hair, and have to wear wigs to Mexico, and be called by Marlo to get her “Donald Trump hair done”.

Others were left guessing if Velvet the Dog died. “I need to know why Kenya Moore was crying. I really hope nothing happened to Velvet because I will cry.”

Velvet Pictures Set 2
Velvet the Dog Photo 5
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First, it appears that Velvet the Dog has not died. Kenya’s twitter handle for Velvet was active last night with Velvet the Dog (aka Kenya) tweeting throughout the episode. The profile caption claims Velvet is alive. “I’m the dog of the Queen B KenyaMoore/ I’m just a cute dog living in a doggy dog world!” Moore also told viewers last night that Velvet is only five years old. Second, the doll is appears to not be the reason was Kenya was crying. Her aunt would never say of a doll “she is not coming back Kenya.”

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Third, it is unlikely that Kenya Moore is talking about her mother Patricia Moore. Kenya even this year still expressed her non-existing relationship with her mother. So Kenya’s remark “I wasn’t there to protect her” appears out of context for Kenya.

LALATE can report that it is unlikely to be the doll, the dog, or the mother. So what could be left? LALATE anticipates that Kenya could reveal that a family member of her aunt’s or father Ronald Grant has died. Or is a failed pregnancy set to be revealed as well?

UPDATE: Kenya Moore just revealed that her dog Velvet has died. For more click HERE.


  1. Lois

    April 3, 2014 at 1:39 am

    Knowing how Kenya makes stuff up, it’s her imaginary BFF. Who knows with the cray-cray chick. Will Phaedra plan the funeral?

  2. tiffany

    April 5, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Apparently she is upset….have compassion.

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