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Yellowstone Earthquake 2014 Today Strikes Montana

Yellowstone Earthquake 2014 Today Strikes Montana

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Yellowstone earthquake today 2014 struck Montana. A Yellowstone earthquake today March 30, 2014 was the strongest to strike since 1980. Officials are now asking local residents for assistance with the matter.

Officials report that a 4.8 magnitude Yellowstone earthquake struck just after 8:15 am MDT today. The quake was shallow. It started twenty-three miles east of West Yellowstone and sixty-five miles southwest of Bozeman. It was eighty-six miles northeast of Rexburg, Idaho as well.

Thereafter officials issued a news statement describing the activity. The University of Utah Seismograph Stations reports that the “epicenter of the magnitude 4.8 shock was located 4 miles north-northeast of Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. This earthquake is part of a series of earthquakes that began in this area on Thursday.” They added “As of 8:15 am today, this series has included at least 25 earthquakes in addition to the main shock, with the largest of magnitude 3.1. The magnitude 4.8 main shock was reported felt in Yellowstone National Park and in the towns of West Yellowstone and Gardiner, Montana.”

Officials are asking the public to submit details to a survey website. “Anyone who felt the earthquake is encouraged to fill out a survey form on either the Seismograph stations web site: or the U.S. Geological Survey web site:”

USGS tells news that Sunday’s quake was significant. Namely it was “the largest earthquake at Yellowstone since February 22, 1980, and occurred near the center of a region of recent ground uplift described in a YVO Information Statement on February 18, 2014. The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory has been tracking this uplift episode for about 7 months.” Reps added “seismicity in the general region of the uplift has been elevated for several months. A previous period of uplift in this area occurred between 1996 and 2003, and it was also accompanied by elevated seismicity.”

Issues may include Basin changes. “A USGS field team is in Yellowstone and will visit the area near the earthquake’s epicenter today. The team will look for any surface changes that the earthquake may have caused, and for possible effects to the hydrothermal system at Norris Geyser Basin.” But they added “Based on the style and location of today’s earthquake, at this time YVO sees no indication of additional geologic activity other than continuing seismicity.”

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