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Porsha Stewart Fired from Atlanta Housewives for RHOA Reunion Fight: Report

Porsha Stewart Fired from Atlanta Housewives for RHOA Reunion Fight: Report

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Porsha Stewart has been fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta for her RHOA Reunion Fight 2014, one news report today is indicating. Porsha Stewart did fight Kenya Moore, Moore was the victim. But if you think Bravo, part of NBC Universal, likes a fight on television, think again. One news report today is exclusively claiming that Porsha Stewart was allegedly not invited back onto the RHOA Reunion 2014 set after the fight erupted, RHOA producers allegedly sent Porsha home, and overnight Bravo allegedly immediately decided to fire Porsha Stewart. Porsha Williams will not be returning RHOA because of her RHOA Reunion Fight 2014, claims the report. While Porsha came for Kenya, it appears Bravo executives came for Porsha thereafter.

LALATE has been exclusively reporting for years about the provisions of the RHOA employment contract. In it, RHOA expressly prohibits any cast member from suing another for conduct that occurs during filming. Cast members, whether they like it or not, expressly waive in a contract provision, in their True Entertainment employment agreement, all rights to sue another cast member for conduct occurring during filming.

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As a result, there is an inherent legal question about what happens if one cast member attacks you. Bravo was at a crossroads after the Pillow Fight. And despite what may appear on television, networks simply don’t want cast members physically attacking one another on camera.

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That debate took a new form last night. Kenya Moore got attacked by Porsha Stewart. Whether it was only a hair pull, a dragging, a beating, a shoving, or something less or something more, the altercation did occur and Moore was the victim, claims widespread reports. But what happened after that?

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Tamara Tattles is reporting exclusively that Porsha was removed from RHOA Reunion filming after attacking Kenya. Porsha was sent home. And Bravo quickly fired Porsha. “Porsha was sent home immediately, did not finish the reunion, and she was fired”, claims the report. The report further claims that Porsha is no longer employed by Bravo as of today.


  1. Nikita

    July 9, 2014 at 11:33 am

    Porsha should have not been fired. Instead a contract should have been drawn up between porsha and Kenya stating that they are not allowed to slander each other’s character or speak to each other in a negative manner and if it happens consequences shall take place. Kenya was just as wrong as porsha was.

  2. Nikita

    July 9, 2014 at 11:35 am

    I will continue to watch the show , however I am not happy with the way bravo TV handled this matter. They are making it look as if Kenya had every right to do what she did and that’s not FAIR,

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