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Fans: What Happened to Gretchen Rossi & Alexis Bellino, Kari Wells: EXCLUSIVE

Fans: What Happened to Gretchen Rossi & Alexis Bellino, Kari Wells: EXCLUSIVE married to medicine real housewives of orange county

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What happened to Gretchen Rossi & Alexis Bellino on Real Housewives of Orange County, and what happened to Kari Wells on Married to Medicine? When RHOC and Married to Medicine return to Bravo within days, gone will be Gretchen Rossi, Alexis Bellino, and Kari Wells. But what happened behind the scenes for both shows? LALATE can report exclusively that a lot of the editing toward the end of the last RHOC season was not exactly accurate for Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley’s life. As to Kari Wells, tensions with the show’s creator Mariah Huq were extensively detailed after the last reunion show.

First, the future of Radio Slade with Slade Smiley was not accurately depicted by Bravo in the final clip of RHOC last season, LALATE can exclusively report. RHOC producers told viewers that the show was cancelled. Such was not the case. LALATE has reported earlier in 2013 that the show had grown in popularity and has become the highest rated hour on the station. As result Radio Slade went into syndication. “Krantz Media Group President/CEO Gary Krantz announced today they have signed an agreement with Slade D. Smiley/Grayson Entertainment to manage syndication and distribution of popular entertainment/pop culture based radio show through its content syndication division, KMG Networks.” But in the final RHOC clip, Bravo told viewers wrongly that it was cancelled, prompted Slade to retweet the LALATE syndication story to correct the record.

Second, the engagement of Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley was inaccurately depicted for viewers. As viewers watched Vicki have a Christmas party, Gretchen and Slade entered with smiles. Bravo edited that scene and ran it combined with Gretchen and Slade engagement scene. But the couple’s engagement was not until months later in the spring.

On or around April 18, 2013, LALATE exclusively reported that the Rossi and Smiley got engaged in Los Angeles. At the time, LALATE wondered how the footage could fit into the current season’s storyline, which was shot in winter 2012. By the time Rossi was proposing to Smiley, RHOA had already shot its entire season, cast had told LALATE exclusively.

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At the time of Rossi’s April 2013 engagement, LALATE questioned how Bravo could get the Spring engagement into a show filmed during winter 2012, noting that “the footage may not fit into the current season of RHOC, unless Bravo has since made some dramatic programming shuffle.” Instead, Bravo has decided to filmed dramatically out of order footage and insert it months out of order.

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In recent months, Vicki Gunvalson was asked on Twitter “Vicki you got what you wanted, getting rid of Gretchen and becoming Queen Sheba.” Vicki responded “Excuse me?.. I didn’t get rid of Gretchen! Bravo did.” When Tamra Barney was asked “Will you and @GretchenRossi ever be friends again? And is she going to be on S9?”, Barney responded “NO & No.” As to Alexis, Gretchen told news this year “Lots happened and it just was too painful 4 me. Never talked about it on camera.”

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Meantime on Twitter, Kari Wells’ caption is “Star of Bravo’s Married to Medicine” featuring images from the show. Wells is not however returning to Married to Medicine Season 2.

Last season, Kari falsely claimed show creator Mariah Huq would be divorced by her husband. That false statement would later prompt an apology. But Mariah remarked “As for me and Kari, well I think it’s suffice to say that friendship is completely over. As far as I’m concerned, the life support plug has been officially pulled!”.

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