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American Idol 2014 Results Tonight Prompt Top 8 Elimination Prediction

American Idol 2014 Results Tonight Prompt Top 8 Elimination Prediction eliminated who was march 27, 2014

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol 2014 results tonight prompted Top 8 elimination predictions. Who will get eliminated on American Idol results for March 27 2014, who will be the new Top 8, and which singer is facing Idol elimination predictions tonight? Last Thursday, the bottom three were Dexter Roberts, Majesty Rose, and MK Nobilette. But sent home was MK Nobilette. Of the remaining Top 9 singers in the competition, Majesty has landed in the bottom three the most. So is Majesty facing elimination in American Idol results for 3/27/14 tomorrow?

The latest American Idol 2014 results tonight started with no missed steps. In fact, the full slate of singers right out of the gate were good. They earned top praises from the judges. And none of them appeared to falter, dramatically.

First, Alex Preston chose “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. Keith told news that he loved the performance but though it needed more edge. He found it consistent. Jennifer said that Alex drained the song’s energy. Harry said that the performance was exciting.

Next, Majesty Rose selected “Shake It Out” by Florence and The Machine. Keith liked it and also liked the song selection. Jennifer thought that the performance “was a 10″ but that the vocals were “all over the place”. Harry said it was her best performance adding that “it’s hard for people to relate to you.”

Later Malaya Watson took to the stage for “The Long And Winding Road” by The Beatles. Keith called it beautiful. Jennifer said that Malaya’s voice “really stands out above everybody else”. Harry said that Malaya is improving a lot through the competition.

Then Sam Woolf chose “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White Ts. Keith gave lackluster reviews. Jennifer said it was great. Harry said that the delivery lacked connection. Meantime, Jessica Meuse selected “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. Keith gave it top praise. Jennifer said that Jessica was connecting well with the audience. And Harry said it was her best performance.

More singers are set to take the stage. But initial judges’ reviews tonight suggest that Sam Woolf and Majesty Rose could be in jeopardy for Thursday’s results. For live results as they are announced to news on Thursday March 27, 2014, click HERE.

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