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Carole Radziwill Fake Ghostwriter, Bill Whitworth BookGate Sinks RHONY

Carole Radziwill Fake Ghostwriter, Bill Whitworth BookGate Sinks RHONY did carole write her own book what remains

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Carole Radziwill use a ghostwriter on ‘What Remains’, did Carole write her own books. and was the ghostwriter’s name Bill Whitworth? Those were the fabricated allegations by Aviva Drescher that Bravo wanted viewers to ask last week in RHONY’s self proclaimed BookGate episode. Ramonja also added in other names like ghost writer “Bill Whitman” and even writer “Bill Whipple”.

Radziwill tell news that she writes her own books; Radziwill did not use a ghostwriter on What Remains or any other book; and that Bill Whitworth of the Atlantic Monthly is not a ghostwriter for Carole or anyone else. Of course, Carole Radziwill did not have tell viewers that because apparently virtually no one believed Aviva Drescher’s ghostwriter claims in the first place. Over ninety percent of WWHL viewers last Tuesday night told Andy Cohen they did not believe Aviva. So why did Bravo even broadcast Aviva’s statements about Carole’s writing career?

LALATE can report that BookGate was a ratings failure for RHONY. The Tuesday March 18 telecast of BookGate in which viewers were driven to ask if Carole Radziwill used a ghostwriter delivered a meek 1.3 ratings share. The numbers represent one of the lowest RH ratings shares for a franchise in two years. RHONY, once a major ratings hit, fell dramatically in ratings last season. In 2013, those low ratings allegedly were the reason why producers were reluctant to give large salary increases to cast members. During the RHONY salary dispute, even Carole tweeted her displeasure with the disagreement. Eventually, that RHONY salary dispute was resolved. Radziwill signed on, and then later Aviva.

And with that, just two episodes into filming, Aviva is making these claims about Carole’s career? Bravo evoked last Tuesday a Vandershocked like approach to RHONY. As the episode aired, Bravo did not watermark a #RHONY in the corner of the screen but a #BookGate watermark.

But even stranger, as Bravo wanted viewers to discuss the Aviva-Carole fight, Aviva quickly told readers that she wanted no part of it. “Aviva declares #BookGate the dumbest fight in Housewives history”, BravoTV proclaimed. So why would Bravo on TV let Aviva launch a #BookGate feud, but online allow her to tell the same viewers that the episode is dumb?

By now, Bravo must clearly understand that non-believable accusations do not resonate well with viewers. RHOBH just concluded its poor season with producers constantly trying to push a “did Mauricio cheat on Kyle Richards” storyline. And yet, RHONY producers must have thought that BookGate would work in the ratings. In fact, of the one hundred sixty-seven comments posted to Aviva’s blog, virtually all are negative about her accusations. Viewers did not believe Aviva’s claim. And then, when you went to her, she did not back up the allegations.

Even more surprising, the storyline is far from resolved. As reported previously on LALATE, Carole has told news that Bill Whitworth will make an appearance later in the RHONY season. For more about Whitworth, click HERE.

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