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Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn C. Dennis Baby Daddy Revealed on Southern Charm

Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn C. Dennis Baby Daddy Revealed on Southern Charm

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Is Kathryn C. Dennis pregnant with Thomas Ravenel’s baby, who is Kathryn’s baby daddy on Southern Charm, and is Kathryn’s baby Shep’s or T-Rav’s? Bravo’s Maury Povich-ized reality show Southern Charm is set to reveal who is the father of Kathryn C. Dennis’s baby. That is, if she is even pregnant. By most accounts online, the father of the baby might be Thomas Ravenel. In fact, someone is now selling T-Rav baby clothing online since the series debuted.

For now, Kathryn C. Dennis and Thomas Ravenel are still dating and together 2014, claims a series of reports. Filming for the show was shot in 2013. As of late last year, the apparent couple were still together, posting affectionate pictures of one another on social media. Shep was nowhere to be found. She wrote “grilling burgers with my baby.” She added “warming out tootsies by the fire”, suggesting that the other pair of feet in the picture was Ravenel’s.

Kathryn later on Instagram wrote “my muffin won the Aiken Four goal today”. That prompted one fan to react “I hate to sound all fan girl, you are gorgeous and you guys make a beautiful couple”. Over Christmas he gave her a Gucci gift.

But the two are still together, apparently. Just days ago, on Twitter, she affectionately accepted a fan’s suggestion that the couple should be called “TomKat”. Tonight’s telecast is set to reveal if Kathryn is even pregnant in the first place, or if this is another faux twist. But don’t expect the storyline to end just tonight.

Recently Thomas told news that allegedly Bravo didn’t want the show without him. He modestly told news that Bravo “said they wouldn’t have a show without me; I was the only Charlestonian in it.” He also claims that other people began filming the series only to drop out, a problem that first plagued Shahs of Sunset as well. UPDATE 7:52 PM PST: Southern Charm just revealed Kathryn is NOT pregnant.

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