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Powerball Winning Numbers March 19 Results Surge to $80M Tonight 2014

Powerball Winning Numbers March 19, 2014 3/19/14 Results Surge to $80M Tonight 2014

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Powerball winning numbers for March 19, 2014 results tonight have surged to one of the highest levels this year. There were winning tickets sold in last night’s Mega Millions draw. So tonight is giving fans another hope, as Powerball instead reaches an impressive eighty million dollar level. Tonight also carrying a forty-six million dollar cash value. The Powerball winning numbers for 3/19/14 are set to be announced just before 11 pm tonight.

The latest Powerball winning numbers for 3-19-14 aren’t at a record level. But they are at one of the highest levels in recent weeks. It’s all the result of last Saturday’s results. That night, there was no jackpot winner, officials tell news. There was one Match Five Power Play winner. The winning ticket, worth two million dollars, was sold in West Virginia, officials tell news.

Moreover, there were three of the Match Five one million dollar winners as well. Officials indicate to news that winning tickets were sold in Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.
Overall last Saturday the draw delivered eight million dollars in non-jackpot prizes. They also delivered roughly a half million winners.

But today, Mega Millions officials confirm to news that two winning tickets were sold from last night’s draw. One was in Maryland. “Maryland was fortunate to have two jackpot winners last year. We are pleased to welcome the Mega Millions jackpot back to the state,” said Maryland Lottery Director Stephen Martino in a news statement. “A heartfelt congratulations to the Maryland Mega Millions winner.”

So where was the winning ticket sold? The Maryland ticket was sold at Lady’s Liquors located at 6474 Crain Highway in La Plata. “In addition to the big winner, there was a $1 million second-tier winning ticket sold at Waterbury Liquors located at 1021 Generals Highway in Crownsville. That winner matched the first five winning numbers, missing only the Mega Ball”, officials tell news. Your Powerball winning numbers results are set to be released at 11 pm this evening. For those results as they are announced click HERE.

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