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Mega Millions Winning Numbers March 18: Did Anyone Win Last Night?

Mega Millions Winning Numbers March 18, 2014 3/18/14: Did Anyone Win Last Night?

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The Mega Millions winning numbers for March 18, 2014 were reported on LALATE at 11 pm EST last night. But did anyone win last night, and how big is Powerball tonight? Officials tell news that the Mega Millions winning numbers for 3/18/14 were picked. There were two winning tickets, in two states. Neither of the winning tickets have come forward yet. And hence, Mega Millions for Friday drops down to a “mere” fifteen million dollar draw.

The Mega Millions winning numbers for March 18, 2014 if selected by one winning ticket would have been the single biggest win in the game’s history, as reported last night on LALATE. Draw levels at these massive numbers generally produce two or more winning tickets. That is exactly what happened last night. Mega Millions winning for 3-18-14 produced two winning tickets. “It has been rolling since January 3, but Mega Millions found a jackpot winner on Tuesday night – two, in fact, as winning tickets were sold in Florida and Maryland”, Mega Millions said in a news statement this morning. “They will split the $400 million prize with tickets matching all six numbers (11, 19, 24, 33 and 51, plus the Mega Ball of 7). The jackpot is the third largest in Mega Millions history.”

The draw brought winners from a founding state for Mega Millions and a new entry to the game, reps tell news. “The two winning jackpot states bookend Mega Millions history. Florida is the newest member of the Mega Millions group, having joined the game last May, and this is the state’s first jackpot winner. ” Officials add that “In contrast, Maryland is one of the game’s founding members, and previous jackpot wins in that state include a one-third share of the largest Mega Millions jackpot in history, $656 million.”

If you didn’t win, there is still hope. Tonight’s Powerball winning numbers for March 19, 2014 are worth eighty-million dollars. For Powerball results tonight click HERE.

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