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RHOA: Is Phaedra Parks Leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast?

Phaedra Parks Leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Are Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta after this season? While Phaedra and Bravo have yet to comment about her future with the show, the real indicator might in fact be her presence. Parks has gone virtually silent on for months. Phaedra on has not commented about the RHOA season all but once, back in November of last year, LALATE can report. The last time another housewife did that, Adrienne Maloof, she exited her show and Bravo.

In 2013, in the final months of Adrienne Maloof’s last season on RHOBH, reports claimed that Adrienne was possibly leaving the show. While her firing was not yet confirmed at the time, Adrienne began to stop posting blogs to

A year ago this month, Maloof had reduced her blog posts from pages to mere sentences. She also stopped writing about the show, a presumed contract requirement for Bravo Housewives.

In March 2013 LALATE reported the silence by Maloof on “Adrienne Maloof all season long was seemingly nearly absent from her blog requirements. Her mere sentences posts, compared to previous multiple page narratives, seemed indicative of her sentiments at the time.”

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Now a year later, the same thing is happening on, this time for Phaedra Parks. Not since November 4, 2013 has Phaedra written about RHOA on

On November 21, she wrote for BravoTv, but not about RHOA, rather about her book. On January 23, Phaedra only comments to Bravo were her book tour dates. And her most recent post on February 20 was yet again not about RHOA either.

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In writing their blogs, housewives are given advance copies of the episode hours before so that they can write a blog, submit it to Bravo, and have it live on shortly after the episode airs. This season, Phaedra writes to a different scenario. “Unfortunately, I did not get to watch Sunday’s episode but have been told that it was full of drama and chaos, which is becoming the norm for us.” She even adds “And since I have not seen this week’s episode, I will refrain from commenting on it.” But LALATE can report that Phaedra has not been commenting about RHOA on the entire season, with the exception of that November 4 post. Will that change after tonight’s episode, and is Phaedra returning or leaving the show? That remains to be seen.


  1. Kimberly

    March 17, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Folks, lets Not get into Silly Season. Phaedra Parks and her estranged Husband do have a lot going on in their Private life in which Most of the Issues Are their Legal Issues together with the Feds. So, therefore, I do believe Phaedra Parks and her estranged Husband Will do what is best for them and their Family by quietly leaving the RHOA. They Need to Keep some kind of Dignity for themselves and Not make matters worst by being Too much and Open with their Lives on a Reality TV Show. Plus, Bravo TV Producers may find it to be best that they Part ways.

  2. Maggietish

    March 18, 2014 at 9:17 am

    I hope Phaedra and Apollo stay on the show – they do add something to the mix. Kenya is nothing short of despicable. She is so low class that its hard to even watch her. She has such a fix on Apollo (a married man) that is pathetic. She talks about him all the time and really went way over the line on the last show. This woman knows nothing about appropriate behavior. He made it clear he wasn’t/isn’t interested but she still kept pressing. She has been going after him since she joined the show. I totally believe Apollo that Kenya was texting him and wanted to be with him. Again, look at the way she acts with him–its embarrassing to even watch her. In reality if she is as hot as she thinks she is (in her own mind) why is she always alone and why does she have to go to a sperm bank to bet pregnant?

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