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Kansas Earthquake Today 2014 Strikes Anthony

Kansas Earthquake Today 2014 Strikes Anthonyl

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Kansas earthquake today 2014 has struck Anthony. A Kansas earthquake late today March 12, 2014 followed a lesser quake earlier Wednesday. Damage assessment is pending.

Officials tell news that a 3.2 magnitude Kansas quake struck this afternoon just after 2:35 pm local time. The quake was shallow. Reps tell news that it struck less than three miles below ground level. As a result it could be felt across the region.

USGS indicates to news that the quake was nine miles east of Anthony. It was thirty-eight miles southwest of Haysville and forty miles southwest of Derby. The quake began forty-five miles south of Wichita and roughly one hundred miles from Oklahoma City.

Several quakes has been hitting the state in recent months. In December, a 4.2 magnitude Kansas earthquake began eleven miles west of Caldwell. The quake was thirty-eight miles south of Haysville and forty miles west of Derby. The quake was forty-one miles west of Arkansas City, Kansas and roughly one hundred miles from Oklahoma City. In 2011, several quakes struck the same general vicinity. In November that year, one quake struck only three miles below the earth’s surface. Residents in nearby states including Missouri felt the quake.

As to today’s quake, USGS tells news that “The bedrock of Eastern North America is, however, laced with faults that were active in earlier geologic eras, and few of these faults are known to have been active in the current geologic era. In most areas east of the Rockies, the likelihood of future damaging earthquakes is currently estimated from the frequencies and sizes of instrumentally recorded earthquakes or earthquakes documented in historical records”.

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