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Who Wins the Bachelor 2014: Did Juan Pablo Get Engaged to Nikki?

Who Wins the Bachelor 2014: Did Juan Pablo Get Engaged to Winner Nikki engaged still together

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Tonight, the woman who wins the Bachelor 2014 might not exactly get what she had hoped for. Did Juan Pablo get engaged, who wins the Bachelor 2014 tonight, and is there an After the Final Rose engagement surprise? When you tune into tonight’s Bachelor Final Results telecast, and sit back to learn who is the Bachelor 2014 winner, don’t flip your remote control. Bachelor spoilers before tonight’s telecast tell news that the Bachelor final results for March 10, 2014 may have a bigger surprise in the After the Final Rose telecast than in the Final Rose episode itself.

Details about who wins the Bachelor were revealed last winter. No, Juan Pablo did not get engaged. Yes, Nikki is allegedly the Bachelor 2014 winner. And finally, Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together. RealitySteve spoilers claim that, early on in the season, it was clear that Nikki was headed to becoming the winner. But when Juan Pablo picks Nikki in the final minutes of the telecast, he delivers, at least to her, a shocker. According to RealitySteve, Juan Pablo picks Nikki but does not propose. There is no engagement during the final rose, claims RealitySteve, and there is no engagement in the weeks after that episode aired as well.

So are Juan Pablo and Nikki still together? RealitySteve says that Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together officially. But reports have claimed that Juan Pablo has been allegedly dating other women, prompting claims that Juan Pablo was cheating on Nikki. Nevertheless, coming into tonight’s After the Final Rose, Juan Pablo is expected to tell ABC viewers that he is happy that he picked Nikki, and that he was reluctant to propose at that time.

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But what about this After the Final Rose Juan Pablo secret engagement? RealitySteve claims that an alleged “offer” was made to Juan Pablo to propose during tonight’s After the Final Rose. So does the Juan Pablo secret engagement happen, does Juan Pablo and Nikki get engaged in the After the Final Rose tonight? RealitySteve claims to know that the alleged offer has been made but does not know if the alleged offer has been accepted. That will be revealed tonight.

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For now, the big surprise may tonight be in the After the Final Rose telecast. But before the season started, RealitySteve said “When it’s all said and done, I think you’re going to hear a lot of things come out about this season, whether it be on my site, or in the tabloids, or coming from some of his girls Twitter and Instagram accounts, that presents overwhelming evidence to the fact that this guy … was never interested in finding a wife”. Juan Pablo has been called the worse Bachelor ever, even though his ratings have been strong.

But that could all change tonight with a possible surprise engagement. RealitySteve tweeted moments ago “The first 90 min of tonight’s show is basically pointless. As is every finale. Just get us to the ending since that what it boils down to.”

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So will RealitySteve be correct tonight? “Yes, I’m aware I had the wrong ending last season. So if you already think that this ending is wrong, there’s nothing I can say or do to convince you otherwise. It is what it is.” He adds “Over the next three months, tabloids will run stories, people will email me saying they think I’m wrong, people will have theories on why this happened or that happened. And to that, I’ll take it all in and say ‘Thank you’ and just move on. Without giving up my sources and where I got this info, I can’t convince anyone who doesn’t want to believe it that this is the correct ending.”

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He adds “Some will choose to harp on last season being wrong, and some will choose to look at my track record over the long haul and know I had the previous 7 seasons correct. It’s all what you choose to believe. This is how the show ends this season and I’ll leave it at that.”

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