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Nikki Ferrell Juan Pablo Still Together: The Bachelor 2014 Not Engaged

Nikki Ferrell Juan Pablo Still Together: The Bachelor 2014 Not Engaged dating engagement tonight march 3 2014 results

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo still together 2014, are Nikki and Juan Pablo still dating, what happened between Nikki and the Bachelor, and will there be no Nikki Juan Pablo engagement tonight? RealitySteve Bachelor 2014 spoilers claim that Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo are still together, they are still dating 2014, but that they do not get engaged in the finale episode tonight on ABC. The question is whether Juan Pablo will propose to Nikki on After the Final Rose.

Nikki and Juan Pablo were together, and dating, right after tonight’s episode was filmed. But there might not be anything more to that. RealitySteve tells viewers that false tabloid reports have been heating up this month. RealitySteve suggests in his spoilers that are not any real surprises tonight. The episode was filmed without much drama. Juan Pablo didn’t choose Clare. And while Nikki was expecting a ring, she does not get one. “The overnight date portion of this season took place at or near Sugar Beach, which was where the rose ceremony was. Then for the final rose ceremony which took place Tuesday, November 12th, I originally reported it was going to be at The Landings resort.” RealitySteve adds “That was mistaken. The final rose ceremony took place at or near the Cap Maison Hotel. Both Clare and Nikki showed up, he didn’t send one home early or anything like that. And in the end. Juan Pablo chose Nikki, but he did not propose”.

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But the real confusion tonight won’t be over who wins, but how they win. Nikki is believed to have expected an engagement ring and does not get it. And according to RealitySteve, Juan Pablo and Nikki leave the Hotel a couple, are still together and still dating. “So for the first time since Brad’s first season, there will not be an engagement at the end of the season.”

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Why does Juan Pablo not propose to Nikki in the finale? Only Juan Pablo knows the true answer. And hopefully he will be asked that in After the Final Rose. But RealitySteve claims an alleged motive by Juan Pablo. He asserts that Juan Pablo allegedly never wanted to propose to any of the women in this case. “However, for Juan Pablo, I’d say it’s more about him never wanting to propose to any of these girls in the first place before he even started this journey.”

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But the vacuum of confusion remains on the future of Nikki and Juan Pablo. RealitySteve is vague about the couple since filming wraps. He says they are together but adds the disclaimer that does not mean anything. Of course, Juan Pablo has allegedly appeared on dates with other women as this season has aired.

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RealitySteve remarks “Everyone can read into whatever they want, and they can dissect the promo of Clare crying, Nikki crying, and Juan Pablo ‘walking away’ from the final rose ceremony stand to make you think he left alone. It’s all smoke and mirrors.” He adds “I’ve said it since November 20th, and I’ll say it again: Juan Pablo chose Nikki at the end but didn’t propose to her.”

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