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Kenya Moore, D’Banj: Boyfriend African Prince Prompts Fake Story 2014

Kenya Moore, D’Banj: Boyfriend African Prince Prompts Fake Story 2014 dating who is

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore’s boyfriend, her African Prince (who isn’t an Oil Tycoon), prompted a fake RHOA story in conjunction with tonight’s RHOA episode, LALATE can report. Who is Kenya Moore dating, who is her African Prince, what is her African Prince’s name, and are they still dating? Back in 2013, LALATE began first reporting exclusively about Moore’s African Prince: D’Banj. But last week on RHOA, Bravo aired the Peter Thomas birthday party episode. After that episode was filmed, countless reports, fueled by an erroneous tale by MediaTakeOut, claimed that Moore was dating Roger Bobb. Moore appeared alongside Bobb during the Peter Thomas birthday party. Of course months before that, Kenya emerged from court in her eviction case alongside friend Brandon DeShazer. And MediaTakeOut at the time also said that Kenya was dating Brandon and that he was Kenya’s African Prince.

Tonight, Kenya Moore deals with the drama after the Peter Thomas birthday. But still remaining are the fake tales of that night. Included among them is this once from MediaTakeOut. “ would like to CONGRATULATE Kenya Moore . . . who is dating again. We got pics of her and her new BF at Peter Thomas’ 53rd birthday party. And that’s not just any dude – his name is Roger Bobb, the President and CEO of Bobbcat Films. Prior to creating Bobbcat Films, Bobb served as the Executive Vice President of Tyler Perry Studios. He produced the television shows Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and Meet The Browns, and he is the producer of eleven Tyler Perry films.”

Kenya and BF D’Banj Pictures Set 1
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 1
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Moore is not dating Roger Bobb, and did not date Bobb in 2013 either. So who is Kenya dating? In 2012, LALATE first exclusively began to report that Kenya and D’Banj were possibly starting to date. The two spent time in Texas in spring of 2013. Moore appeared with Andy Cohen on WWHL from Texas. And D’Banj appeared in concert on stage. Around that same time, NeNe Leakes met D’Banj. But Leakes later told RHOA viewers, falsely, that she had never met Moore’s boyfriend. No word what D’Banj thinks of NeNe.

Kenya and D’Banj Pictures Set 2
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D’Banj of course is not an oil tycoon, a term used by Bravo. Rather he is a Lagos, Nigeria based singer with a series of new songs out this spring, as reported previously on LALATE. And despite false reports about Kenya’s boyfriend from MediaTakeout, the site tried yet another fake Kenya story this month. After wrongly claiming that Brandon is dating Kenya, and that Roger Bobb is dating Kenya, MediaTakeOut, hearing LALATE’s reports about D’Banj, started to claim that Moore is paying D’Banj to be a fake boyfriend.

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For now, Kenya is tired of the lies, especially from NeNe Leakes. She tells “Furthermore, NeNe is using pillow talk gate to justify why she has targeted me as her enemy. I have personally done nothing to NeNe but try to be her friend, even apologizing for something that wasn’t solely my fault as she insists. Even if I was to blame for the pillow talk melee, which I am not, is that a reason to disown someone as a friend? Her cruelty and nastiness towards me is completely unfounded and based on her own insecurities. With that said, I refuse to dim my light in order to make her comfortable.” Moore adds “A friend is someone who has proven to be loyal, one who keeps your secrets, tolerates you when you have bad days, and most importantly, never tries to climb rungs on a ladder by putting their $4,000 Tom Ford boots on the necks of any woman who also has some success. Lastly, a friend forgives and never holds grudges because they love you unconditionally.”

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    March 9, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Kenya (kenneth) is such a DRAMA DRAG QUEEN….I swear she’s a tranny….

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