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Burma Earthquake Today 2014: 5.1 Quake Strikes Myaydo

Burma Earthquake Today 2014: 5.1 Quake Strikes Myaydol

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Burma earthquake today 2014 today has just struck Myaydo. A 5.1 magnitude Burma earthquake today March 9, 2014 began in the evening hours. Damage reports are pending.

Officials tell news that a massive 5.1 Burma earthquake struck just after 10:33 pm local time tonight. The quake was moderately shallow. Reps tell news that the quake started roughly twenty-six miles below ground level. As a result its impact could be felt across the region.

USGS indicates to news that the Burma earthquake today stated thirty-five miles east of Myaydo. The quake was thirty-seven miles east of Thayetmyo. It was forty-two miles northeast of Prome and roughly forty-six miles southwest of Nay Pyi Taw. The quake was also forty-nine miles west of Taungoo.

Earlier today, a 4.4 magnitude quake struck northeast of Whakatane, New Zealand. It began just before 8:15 am local time, reps tell news. Also as well, a 4.8 magnitude quake struck Nemuro, Japan today. The quake erupted just after 8:13 am local time. And moments ago, a 5.1 magnitude quake hit Tonga and Samoa.

But reps tell news that the quake was deep. The Tonga quake began more than two hundred miles below sea level. It was also more than one hundred miles from Tonga and roughly three hundred miles from Samoa. USGS indicates to news that “Large earthquakes are common along the North New Hebrides trench and have mechanisms associated with subduction tectonics, though occasional strike slip earthquakes occur near the subduction of the D’Entrecasteaux ridge. Within the subduction zone 34 M7.5+ earthquakes have been recorded since 1900.”

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