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Women Tell All 2014: The Bachelor Spoilers Shock After the Final Rose

Women Tell All 2014: The Bachelor Spoilers Shock After the Final Rose

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Women Tell All on the Bachelor 2014 tonight. But the Bachelor 2014 spoilers from RealitySteve about the After the Final Rose live telecast got new updates this month. The latest Bachelor spoilers from RealitySteve do not change what we will see in next week’s finale for March 3, 2014. The Bachelor 2014 winner is still Nikki Ferrell. Juan Pablo still picks Nikki. He does not propose to her. And they still do not get engaged. But now, the Bachelor 2014 spoilers from RealitySteve claim that Juan Pablo and Nikki could get engaged in After the Final Rose live telecast. What is happened here?

The mess of Juan Pablo and his disinterest in the women has led to fallout that will be exemplified on tonight’s Women Tell All. For days, RealitySteve has told news that the women will go after Juan Pablo tonight. They will allegedly claim that Juan Pablo asked them to focus on him when he allegedly never asked much about them, never sought details about their lives, and allegedly was very distant from them during filming.

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But RealitySteve claims that Juan Pablo simply did not like these women. So how do you go on a “reality” show and appear interested, when you are not? Apparently Juan Pablo learns the impact of that tonight on ABC. But the real twist will not be on Women Tell All. Allegedly it will happen in After the Final Rose.

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RealitySteve tell news “For the 4th season in a row, they are doing a live ATFR after the finale airs on Monday night, March 10th. Per the spoilers, you know in Saint Lucia, that Juan Pablo chose Nikki over Clare, but he did not propose to her. The previews will try and make it seem different, and try and lead you into thinking something else, but that is your final outcome.”

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So what happened? “Juan Pablo and Nikki left Saint Lucia as a couple, but not engaged. First time in 10 seasons there hasn’t been a proposal at the end. Well, maybe that isn’t gonna be good enough for some people, and to try and salvage the season, I’ve gotten some late information.”

Here comes the late spoiler shocker from RealitySteve. “According to my sources, there is a monetary offer on the table for Juan Pablo to propose to Nikki on the ‘After the Final Rose’ show.”

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So does Juan Pablo take the alleged offer? RealitySteve does not know, but “that offer is there, and I guess we’ll see if he takes it come March 10th. Regardless of if he proposes on the live show or not, the point is, it’s fake. He’s never going to marry Nikki.” And if you haven’t heard, Andi Dorfman is the next Bachelorette.

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  1. Samantha

    March 3, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    All these women on the tell all sounded like SOUR GRAPES! they could not wait to each go on a date, entered SHOW and then when Juan was not interested in them they decided there was something wrong with him REALLY LADIES???

    And Andi was ridiculous too. If she wanted to have Juan to get to know her, she should have stopped kissing him so much and instead of taking him to shoot guns on the date to Atlanta she could have spent time to GIV HIM all her information so that he got to know more about her.. She is a Lawyer this was not a win the case situation. Juan Pablos WAS NOT INTO HER and she could not stand the fact that she did not win. She showed how shallow she was ready to argue HER CASE!!! UGH!!!! Not into you. Honey. He got to share information with Sharleen because he had a better connection with her..if he does not propose at the end, who can blame him? I would not propose to the women left either, if I were him! Attractive yes, but not step Mom material and Andi OMG all she will do is ARGUE to prove HER CASE…NEXT!!!!!

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