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Who Wins the Bachelor 2014: Spoilers Confirm Who Juan Pablo Picks

Who Wins the Bachelor 2014: the bachelor Spoilers Confirm Who Juan Pablo Picks women tell all winner nikki

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins the Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo, who does Juan Pablo pick, and does Juan Pablo pick Clare Crawley or Nikki Ferrell? Tonight the Women Tell All. But last winter, “The Spoiler” told all, aka RealitySteve. For months’s Bachelor Spoilers have revealed who wins the Bachelor and who wins the Juan Pablo’s pick. But will RealitySteve be wrong for two consecutive seasons, or will he redeem himself from a season of gloating and then despair after his last Bachelorette spoilers were wrong?

The wait to find out who wins the Bachelor is just one week away. The Bachelor winner 2014 is not named tonight. We will not find out who Juan Pablo picks on March 3, 2014. Tonight’s Bachelor 3/3/14 episode is Women Tell All. But when does the Bachelor finale air, when is the Final Rose episode for the Bachelor 2014? ABC reminds news that the final episode of the season airs next Monday on ABC March 10, 2014. That evening, fans will learn if Juan Pablo picks Clare or Nikki.

But for others, we will learn if RealitySteve’s Bachelor spoilers have been right. Since November 20, 2013, Juan Pablo has had a winner and RealitySteve has had his spoiler. The winner is Nikki, Steve told news back in November. He claims that Clare wants the win, but does not get it.

In a season in which many of the women didn’t want the ring, let alone have anything to do with Juan Pablo, how desperate were producers to keep women from running away from Juan Pablo and the show? That remains to be seen. The bigger issue to be uncovered next Monday is how much did Clare and Nikki want a ring, if they too were not very into Juan Pablo, and whether the finale twist is much of a twist as well.

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The Bachelorette spoilers last season claimed that Brooks was the front runner all season. But he wasn’t. The Bachelor spoilers this season have claimed that Nikki was the front runner all season, that production on set anticipated her winning the ring. But how many of the show’s team knew that Juan Pablo did not like this group of women?

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It remains unclear to what extent the Bachelor is involved in the casting of his suitors. But RealitySteve casts Juan Pablo as an ego-driven, fame-motivated, self-promoting reality TV star who was after fame and a paycheck and not after love. But how does RealitySteve know that? Perceptions are not the same as spoilers.

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Others with the show have since come forward in recent days and admitted that Juan Pablo found big issues with the women in the show, and the way the courtship follows. Tonight, in the Women Tell All episode, Juan Pablo will be on the firing range. But others contend that it wasn’t his fault, it was his lack of interest in how the show has been histrionically cast, shot, and configured. He allegedly did not liken himself to that format, and hence the conflict grew. So why did he do the show in the first place?

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In the end, however, Juan Pablo picks Nikki next week, so claims spoilers, they don’t stay together, he does not propose, they breakup, and Juan Pablo and Nikki go on their separate ways.

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