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Earthquakes Today 2014: Chile Quakes Strike Valparaiso

Earthquakes Today 2014: Chile Quake Strikes Valparaiso

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Chile earthquake today 2014 has struck Valparaiso. USGS indicates to news that a strong Chile earthquake today February 28, 2014 began in the afternoon hours. No reports of injuries have yet to be indicated by local news.

USGS tell news that a 49 magnitude Chile earthquake today began just after 1:31 pm local time. The quake was shallow. USGS indicates to news that the quake started only eighteen miles below sea level. As a result its impact was limited to the neighboring towns. Reps tell news that the Chile earthquake was twenty-one miles west of Valparaiso. It was twenty-five miles west of Vina del Mar and thirty miles from Villa Alemana.

It remains unclear if today’s quake was the result of movement of the Nazca plate. USGS however indicates to news that those plates run across sections of Chile at a relatively strong angle. “Subduction of the Nazca plate is geometrically complex and impacts the geology and seismicity of the western edge of South America. The intermediate-depth regions of the subducting Nazca plate can be segmented into five sections based on their angle of Subduction beneath the South America plate.”

USGS adds that ” Three segments are characterized by steeply dipping subduction; the other two by near-horizontal subduction. The Nazca plate beneath northern Ecuador, southern Peru to northern Chile, and southern Chile descend into the mantle at angles of 25° to 30°.”

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