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Who Wins the Bachelor 2014: Winner Nikki Ferrell, Juan Pablo Split?

Who Wins the Bachelor 2014: Winner Nikki Ferrell, Juan Pablo Split breakup still together

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins the Bachelor 2014, are Nikki and Juan Pablo still together, do winner Nikki and Juan Pablo get engaged, and why was Nikki not named the next Bachelorette? In the end of this season, fans will learn who wins the Bachelor 2014. And if The Bachelor spoilers by RealitySteve are correct, Nikki Ferrell is the winner. Juan Pablo picks Nikki Ferrell. But Juan Pablo and Nikki don’t get engaged, they are no longer together 2014 dating, and they have broken up. If that does not sound dramatic enough, further shocking news this week has been revealed. ABC has been allegedly filming one of Juan Pablo’s women as the next Bachelorette. And it is not Nikki.

Nikki Ferrell made her check as the winner of the Bachelor. But as soon as filming wrapped, production did not offer her the role of the next Bachelorette. RealitySteve told news last fall, when he first divulged who wins the Bachelor, that Nikki would be highly unlikely to ink the Bachelorette 2014 role either.

Now this week, RealitySteve claims that ABC is allegedly not keeping filming of the upcoming Bachelorette season much a secret at all. Reports have claimed that downtown LA residents have been allegedly seeing Andi Dorman and her male suitors already filming the next season.

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So you win the Bachelor, you don’t get an engagement ring, the Bachelor breaks up with you, and then you don’t even get the Bachelorette role? Nikki Ferrell is for now being portrayed by RealitySteve as being left empty at the end of the season, minus her check of course. He moreover claims that it is Juan Pablo’s decision to breakup. Even worse, he asserts that, despite what airs tonight on ABC and next week, Juan Pablo toward the end of production had little interest if any in proposing to Nikki Ferrell in the finale.

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The question remains whether Nikki knew that as well. Did Nikki think that she was going to get an engagement ring? For now it appears that Nikki was the likely winner during filming of much of the season.

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Even worse, as reported last night on LALATE, Juan Pablo is allegedly breaking purported protocols of Bachelor promotions. He has been appearing in public on purported dates with other single women this month even as the “reality” show tries to convince viewers that Juan Pablo wants to marry one of the final three women. As RealitySteve asserts, Nikki Ferrell might have won a lot of roses and a lot of one-on-one dates, and even won the season’s competition, but she never won Juan Pablo’s heart. And apparently for now, as well, she didn’t win casting directors’ hearts either for the upcoming Bachelorette season. And what happened to Juan Pablo? Reports claim that ABC didn’t cast him in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars and even chose NeNe Leakes to dance instead of Juan Pablo.

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