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NeNe and Marlo: Did Leakes Try to Sabotage Kenya Moore on RHOA?

NeNe and Marlo: Did Leakes Try to Sabotage Kenya Moore on RHOA

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The NeNe and Marlo feud erupted on Sunday. But despite what NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton said during filming of Sunday’s episode, the two have been on a war path of Twitter remarks ever since. But that all took a different turn this week when Kenya Moore, once again, claimed that NeNe Leakes has allegedly attempted to sabotage her role on the show. Moore is expected to detail further her allegation during the upcoming reunion. The question remains, however, if Moore will claim that Sheree Whitfield was another victim of NeNe’s as well. In her recent statement on, Moore claims that Leakes allegedly has used such tactics purportedly in the past.

NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton are no longer friends, Leakes wants news to know. Leakes is also possibly waiting to tell fans that she is joining the Dancing with the Stars upcoming cast.

But despite NeNe’s career success, did Leakes’ seek to sabotage other cast members on RHOA? Moore tells news this week “According to NeNe I bullied her to come to the ball! Aside from seasons prior to my debut on the show, I have personally witnessed NeNe’s acts of terrorism. I have never threatened anyone by being made to choose to be on my side or else suffer the consequences; I don’t use my status on the show or intimidation tactics to try to sabotage other Housewives’ success on the show; and I certainly don’t ‘unfriend’ people who don’t agree with me.”

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Leakes’ mantra is one of self-boasting on the show. But Moore claims that there is more than that. “I don’t subscribe to this type of egregious self-serving behavior.” She adds “Wasn’t it NeNe who said ‘no b–ch is going to tell her who she can be friends with’ in reference to inviting my ex to her wedding?”

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Moore is still talking issue with Leakes inviting her ex Walter to her spinoff wedding show, and claiming that NeNe did it for ratings. “Clearly, my feelings didn’t matter, to add insult to injury they are not even friends. Point being, Marlo should have a right to be friendly with me. Cynthia has been the most blindly loyal friend NeNe has probably ever had. Yet, the moment Cynthia did not agree with NeNe calling her husband countless b-ches, NeNe turns on Cynthia as if she has somehow been disloyal to her. Most of us are smart enough to see beyond NeNe’s smoke screen.”

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For now, Moore asserts that Leakes is an opportunist, not Marlo. “The moment Marlo becomes friendly with me, she is labeled a turncoat opportunist. Hypocrisy at its best. NeNe does photo ops with Kim Kardashian, but Marlo is the opportunist? #byefelicia.”

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