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La Captura Del Chapo Guzman, Emma Coronel Aispuro Aided by Nariz, Mayo

La Captura Del Chapo Guzman, Emma Coronel Aispuro Aided by Nariz, Mayo  esposa wife

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Emma Coronel Aispuro (photos below), the wife of el Chapo Guzman, was arrested in Mexico with the Sinaloa cartel leader, officials tell news. But who helped “La Captura Del Chapo Guzman 2014″? Officials now claim that El Mayo, whose real name is Ismael Zambada Garcia, and Nariz, real name Mario Hidalgo Arguello, ultimately aided the arrest of Chapo Guzman, his wife Emma Coronel Aispuro, and his chief of communications and technologies, Condor, whose real name is Carlos Ho-Ramirez.

When local noticias proclaimed Sunday “La Captura Del Chapo Guzman”, few aspects of the investigation were initially released to news. We were told about tunnels, connecting homes, secret escapes, and underground passageways through parts of Mazatlan. But how had authorities narrowed their search to that town, and who “flipped” during the investigation?

Officials tell news that that real discovery erupted on February 16, 2014, just days before El Chapo’s arrest. They arguably cold case got hot when DEA agents that day found a cellphone owned by Condor. The events leading up that discovery are not being released to news. But officials claim that Condor’s cellphone focused their attention on Mazatlan, a weapons storage facility, and more.

Messages on that cellphone are believed to have then led DEA to a person named Nariz within twenty-four hours. Nariz was El Chapo’s courier. It remains if El Chapo was using Nariz to transfer items to a stash house. But as soon as Nariz was detained, and questioned by DEA, he reportedly “flipped” on El Chapo without much delay.

Emma Coronel Aispuro Fotos Set 1
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 1
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 2
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 3
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 4

From Nariz, DEA’s case began to snowball. Within four days they would have El Chapo in custody. Nariz is said to have described to investigators the systems of homes, the tunnels, and the transportation of El Chapo from residence to residence. Nariz is believed to have identified five homes dubbed also “stash houses” in Culiacan, Mexico.

Emma Coronel Aispuro Fotos Set 2
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 5
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 6
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 7
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 8

Nariz told investigators that, underneath the bathtubs in these homes, was a link to a sewer system. Five of those homes were identified and a main residence was revealed by Nariz. Within hours, DEA was raided that main El Chapo residence. But sources tell news that the steel security frames constructed on the residence by El Chapo were far more difficult to break than Nariz had described. Some reports claim that, during that main residence raid, El Chapo only narrowly escaped.

One day later, DEA appeared to have gotten lucky with a witness, a non-El Chapo employee, spotting El Chapo entered a Mazatlan sewer. But then, for two days, there was no further break in the case.

El Chapo Before Photos
El Chapo Photo 1
El Chapo Photo 2
El Chapo Photo 3

Finally, DEA on February 20 made their second biggest break of the case, the arrest of El Mayo, an El Chapo head. There are conflicting reports if El Mayo was picked up by DEA or if surrendered. Some reports claim that Guzman might have been feuding with El Mayo. Locals tell news that they believe that El Mayo gave up El Chapo during interrogations on February 20.

El Chapo Arrest Photos 2/14
El Chapo Arrest Photo 1
El Chapo Arrest Photo 2
El Chapo Arrest Photo 3
El Chapo Arrest Photo 4

DEA had been seizing a series of cell phones and electronic devices since February 16. But on February 21, they intercepted a new device used by Condor. They were able to track it to a Mazatlan condo. DEA raided the facility and arrested El Chapo, Emma and Condor. El Chapo was reportedly cooking for Emma as Mexican Marines and DEA agents raided the residence.

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