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Who Wins The Bachelor 2014: Nikki Ferrell Battles Mayra Veronica

Who Wins the Bachelor 2014: Nikki Ferrell Battles Mayra Veronica?

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins the Bachelor 2014? Juan Pablo picks Nikki Ferrell as the Bachelor 2014 winner, Juan Pablo and Nikki don’t stay together, they don’t get engaged, they split, and Nikki Ferrell does not find true love. But that does not stop Juan Pablo from finding love with Mayra Veronica? Juan Pablo is redefining Bachelor promotions this week, but making clear to viewers that RealitySteve Bachelor Spoilers are right, and that he wants to find love at a basketball game rather than on ABC.

When it comes to who wins the Bachelor, Juan Pablo knows how ABC works. You do not tell news if Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers are correct or not. You do not confirm that Nikki Ferrell wins the season, but does not win a ring. And beyond all circumstances, you do not appear across social media on a date, with someone not on the Bachelor, while the show is airing on television.

Juan Pablo is being accused by RealitySteve as being obsessed with fame, not committed to finding love on tv, and more interested in attention. So why would Juan Pablo appear for photographers with Mayra Veronica affectionate before tonight’s episode? You might have to ask ABC’s casting executives.

“Hey, another week, another tabloid story of Juan Pablo [flirting] out at a Clipper game in LA. Does it mean that he did? Of course not. But it certainly doesn’t help any image he’s trying to portray”, RealitySteve tell news.

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What is Juan Pablo doing? For now, he is confirming the Bachelor spoilers and making this season anything but suspenseful. “And it’s not like this is one picture. How many pictures have come out of him with other women since the show’s been airing? Hell, half of them have been ones he took himself”, RealitySteve tells news. “The guy likes women, he’s certainly not going to settle down with Nikki, and he just did this show to increase his brand and try and get a job out of it. Nothing more, nothing less.”

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But producers might be seeing the same reaction that viewers are noticing. Steve tells news that DWTS does not want Juan Pablo. “Unfortunately, the one thing he wanted was DWTS and as I mentioned last Thursday night on the live video chat, he’s not on next season…. I don’t know when the DWTS cast is officially going to be announced, but I can tell you that Juan Pablo definitely isn’t on it”, RealitySteve asserts.

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Insiders claim that Juan Pablo and Mayra Veronica were affectionate at the basketball game. And the allegations are that neither tried to hide their purported affections. Tonight, Andi Dorfman reportedly leaves the show. The question is how many viewers are doing the same thing.

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