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La Captura del Chapo Guzman 2014: Will Emma Coronel Aispuro Visit Him?

La Captura del Chapo Guzman 2014: Will Emma Coronel Aispuro Visit Him esposa noticias

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – “La Captura del Chapo Guzman 2014″ headlined noticias last night across Mexico. But today questions remain if the wives, las esposas, of el Chapo will visit him in jail in Mexico or attend his trial in the U.S. Emma Coronel Aispuro (photos below), Alejandrina Maria Salazar, and Griselda Lopez Perez are among the known wives of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán. But are there more El Chapo wives and even more children?

Many of the facets leading up to La Captura del Chapo Guzman on February 22, 2014 actually were being detailed by local noticias earlier this month. News reports today claim that Mexican Marines were seen earlier this month lifting up sewer covers in Sinaloa. It remains unclear how long that El Chapo had been in the town. But local news confirms that El Chapo was allegedly not arrested inside a residence but inside a condo building in the port of Mazatlan.

El Chapo had not been seen by authorities since 2001. But when images first surfaced following his arrest, including the above mugshot, many were surprised by El Chapo’s aged appearance.

Emma Coronel Aispuro Fotos Set 1
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 1
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 2
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 3
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 4

Today questions remain about the future of El Chapo’s family, their location, and how in touch they remained with the cartel leader over the years. He was married to Alejandrina Maria Salazar and had Cesar, Ivan Archivaldo and Jesus Alfredo. He then married Griselda Lopez Perez, and had Edgar, Joaquin, Ovidio and Griselda Guadalupe. Finally in 2007 he married an 18-year old beauty queen Emma Coronel Aispuro.

In 2011, LALATE reported that Emma Coronel Aispuro gave birth to the couple’s twins babies inside a Lancaster, California hospital. Her movement was legal since she was not a wanted person and had dual citizenships.

Emma Coronel Aispuro Fotos Set 2
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 5
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 6
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 7
Emma Coronel Aispuro Photo 8

Today, there are reports that not one but eight districts in the U.S. will seek extradition. They include New York, California, Texas, Florida and Illinois. U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch in the Brooklyn federal district plan is moving for extradition promptly.

U.S. forces aided the arrest this week. But the move for extradition is critical. Insiders contend that U.S. officials are still concerned that El Chapo could escape once again. In 2001, he escaped from one of Mexican top high-security prison. Over the years, he escaped twice.

El Chapo Before Photos
El Chapo Photo 1
El Chapo Photo 2
El Chapo Photo 3

In 2013, Guzmán launched his own hoax effort claiming that he had been found dead after hiding in Honduras. Fueled more confusion was a hoax website last night, not tied to the Cartel leader, claiming that El Chapo had not been arrested by rather a person named Gregorio Chavez. “Family members of Gregorio Chavez are claiming he is the man currently under arrest by the government of Mexico and are falsely claiming him as famed drug lord Joaquin Guzman,” said the fake website.

El Chapo Arrest Photos 2/14
El Chapo Arrest Photo 1
El Chapo Arrest Photo 2
El Chapo Arrest Photo 3
El Chapo Arrest Photo 4

Nevertheless, the search effort ended on Saturday at 6:40 am local time Saturday February 22, 2014. El Chapo was found inside, not a hotel, but rather the Miramar condominiums. The location was a 10-story luxury building on the Pacific Ocean. He reportedly had been in the condo for just less than two days. Also detained with him was a person named Carlos Manuel Hoo Ramirez.

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