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Mega Millions Winning Numbers: February 21 Results Grow to $175M

Mega Millions Winning Numbers February 21, 2014 Results Grow to $175M

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Mega Millions winning numbers for February 21, 2014 results tonight have grown substantially, officials tell news. Tonight’s results will not prompt a record payout. But they will deliver one of the biggest possible paydays for 2014. Officials tell news that the Mega Millions winning numbers for 2/21/14 are now at one hundred seventy-two million dollars. They are carrying a cash option of ninety-four million dollars as well. And after a big week of Powerball results, could there be a big Mega Millions winner tonight as well? Your results will be announced to news just after 11 pm EST tonight.

The Mega Millions winning numbers for 2-21-14 follows Tuesday’s results with one millionaire. Officials tell news that there was a single one million dollar Match Five winner on Tuesday. There were three twenty-five thousand dollar winners and thirty-one five thousand dollar winners as well.

But can dreams come true with Mega Millions winning numbers? Apparently so for Eumeka Saxton, officials tell news. “I usually only grab them (lottery tickets) here and there. But back in December, I had a dream that I won $69 million on the lottery. From there I started buying,” Saxton said in a recent news statement. So she bought a ticket back in January. Weeks continued however.“I remember saying, ‘dang, nobody’s still won (the jackpot)?!’ And the girl behind the counter said someone from Baldwin Park did win something!”

She had almost thrown the ticket away. But her husband checked the ticket. “I told him five numbers and he was like ‘we got it!’ I said, ‘yea right, shut up!’ But he was like, ‘it’s for real, I’m not playing with you!’ And I just started screaming!” The Los Angeles couple picked up $505,010. What did her husband say of the surprise? “Some people want to be a millionaire. But we’re just happy being a ‘thousandaire!’” For Mega Millions winning numbers tonight click HERE.

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