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Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Dating, Kristen Doute Gets James on Rules

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Dating, Kristen Doute Gets James on Rules

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Tom and Ariana dating, are Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval in a relationship, did Kristen breakup with Tom, and are Kristen and James dating? Vanderpump Rules became the dating game last week on Reunion 2014 Part One. Tonight viewers are being warned to be Vandershocked, with new revelations about Kristen Doute and Tom Sandoval. But if you can’t get enough guilty pleasures from Bravo tonight, be sure to follow Kristen and Tom on Twitter. Since last week, the two have been at war on social media over ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, and ex-everything.

First Tom and Arianna are dating. Andy Cohen asked Tom “So after Cabo you admitted that you and Arianna made out in Vegas. Is that what you are maintaining, that nothing else ever happened?” Tom replied “Andy, I was there for a modeling job, and she was shooting a movie. It was my last night booking a job. I was leaving that morning, a whole night of drinking, we kissed, that was all it.”

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So why did Tom lie? “I lied because if I said something no one would ever believe it. When I was in Vegas with Jax I didn’t care anymore. and I wanted to move on.”

Kristen claims Tom cheating many times with her, with different women, over the years. But now Tom and Arianna are dating. “We have been hanging out and things are great. Yeah we are dating. Thanks. it has been awesome. I am so much happier.” Andy asks Kristen “how hurt are you still?” She replies “I’m heart broken.”

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Then it is Kristen’s turn. Kristen and James are dating. So who is James at Sur on Vanderpump Rules? “James is a twenty one year old busser who is best friends with my son”, Lisa Vanderpump tells viewers. Expect both to make next season’s storyline twists. “Let us not be the only victim”, Lisa says to Kristen.

Kristen proudly exclaims “Yes d-m right I am sleeping with a twenty one!” But how old is Kristen? “I am having the time of my life!”, Kristen states just a bit too emphatically to Cohen.

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Then Tom tells viewers that you don’t sleep with your ex-boyfriend’s future roommate. It violates some code of roommate conduct, according to Pump Rules. “I have known James longer than Kristen. He and I were making music together. We created a band together. He was planning to move into my roommate.” He adds “So Kristen starts sleeping with the guy who would changed my life around. She starts sleeping with the guy I am getting ready to move in, on my bed.” Tom over embellishes as well, proclaiming “It has been a pure nightmare.”

Other cast members are not sure what either Tom and Kristen are talking about. Kristen replies “Tom I don’t owe you anything.” Tonight, the crying, the hot mess hairstyles, and accusations return for a second installment.

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