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Nene Leakes to Quit RHOA Because Kenya Moore Rehired by Bravo?

Nene Leakes Quits RHOA Because Kenya Moore Rehired by Bravo

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Has NeNe Leakes quit RHOA, is NeNe leaking RHOA, ande has NeNe told Bravo to fire Kenya Moore, prompting Bravo to back Moore not Leakes and bring Marlo Hampton back onto the show? A new report today claims that NeNe Leakes told Bravo that she will quit RHOA if they do not fire Kenya Moore, that Bravo allegedly refused, and that Bravo has told Leakes that if she quits they will bring Marlo Hampton back onto the show to replace her.  But is the report true?

The story is suspect on its face because it bares some resemblance to a 2012 story LALATE exclusively reported was false at the time about NeNe and Sheree. But today’s story, coupled with recent comments by Andy Cohen on, and Leakes, on Twitter, might be true.

In April 2012, LALATE exclusively reported that a then MediaTakeout report about Leakes and Sheree was false. The fake story at the time claimed that NeNe Leakes got Sheree fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

MediaTakeOut claimed at the time “NeNe put an ultimatum to producers . . . either fire Sheree . . . or she’s leaving. Producers decided to stick with NeNe . . . and they gave Sheree her walking papers”. LALATE reported exclusively at the time that the report was false. “I knew they were going to find away to blame you” tweeted one friend to NeNe at the time. Leakes replied “don’t I get blamed for everything wrong”. She added “Look I’m powerful but I ain’t that powerful.”

Today, MediaTakeOut is running a story that sounds like a regeneration of the 2012 story about Sheree. Today the site claims that “NeNe has basically given BRAVO an ultimatum – fire Kenya, or she QUITS.” It adds “NeNe Leakes has given Bravo word that she DOES NOT want to return for next season of the Atlanta Housewives – unless KENYA MOORE is fired.”

But is the story false this time around? LALATE can report that there is some possible truth to the story this time around. Kenya Moore is set to tell viewers in the reunion telecast that NeNe Leakes allegedly set out to damage her role either on RHOA or in a larger picture, LALATE can report. Moore told news of her allegations just days ago on WWHL.

Second, Andy Cohen just this month in his Ask Andy segment told viewers that Bravo, despite critics, loves re-hiring Moore for RHOA. Cohen said that Moore creates great on-air chemistry and interaction with her viewers and is entertaining.

Hence, the backend of the latest MediaTakeOut report is consistent with both Moore and Cohen’s remarks, that Bravo wants Moore back for another season and won’t follow alleged demands from NeNe.

The report claims that Bravo want Moore back and if NeNe walks she will be replaced by Marlo. “So far Bravo is holding firm – and telling NeNe NO. And get this . . . a little birdie told us that if NeNe does walk . . . that they are willing to discuss possibly bringing NeNe’s ARCH NEMESIS MARLO in as NeNe’s replacement.” As reported recently on LALATE, Marlo allegedly is no longer on Team Rich, but on Team Twirl.

It remains unclear if the MediaTakeOut report is pooling NeNe’s Twitter feeds or not. But just this week, Leakes suggested that she is focused more on production going forward, not reality tv roles. “My production company, Nene Leakes Entertainment, is up and off to the races with projects! Get ready hunni!”


  1. Leslie

    April 22, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Nene Leaks has come a long way, but has she climbed too far away from humility

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