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Nene Leakes to Quit RHOA Because Kenya Moore Rehired by Bravo?

Posted: February 14th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes by LALATE

Nene Leakes Quits RHOA Because Kenya Moore Rehired by Bravo

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Has NeNe Leakes quit RHOA, is NeNe leaking RHOA, ande has NeNe told Bravo to fire Kenya Moore, prompting Bravo to back Moore not Leakes and bring Marlo Hampton back onto the show? A new report today claims that NeNe Leakes told Bravo that she will quit RHOA if they do not fire Kenya Moore, that Bravo allegedly refused, and that Bravo has told Leakes that if she quits they will bring Marlo Hampton back onto the show to replace her.  But is the report true?

The story is suspect on its face because it bares some resemblance to a 2012 story LALATE exclusively reported was false at the time about NeNe and Sheree. But today’s story, coupled with recent comments by Andy Cohen on BravoTV.com, and Leakes, on Twitter, might be true.

In April 2012, LALATE exclusively reported that a then MediaTakeout report about Leakes and Sheree was false. The fake story at the time claimed that NeNe Leakes got Sheree fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

MediaTakeOut claimed at the time “NeNe put an ultimatum to producers . . . either fire Sheree . . . or she’s leaving. Producers decided to stick with NeNe . . . and they gave Sheree her walking papers”. LALATE reported exclusively at the time that the report was false. “I knew they were going to find away to blame you” tweeted one friend to NeNe at the time. Leakes replied “don’t I get blamed for everything wrong”. She added “Look I’m powerful but I ain’t that powerful.”

Today, MediaTakeOut is running a story that sounds like a regeneration of the 2012 story about Sheree. Today the site claims that “NeNe has basically given BRAVO an ultimatum – fire Kenya, or she QUITS.” It adds “NeNe Leakes has given Bravo word that she DOES NOT want to return for next season of the Atlanta Housewives – unless KENYA MOORE is fired.”

But is the story false this time around? LALATE can report that there is some possible truth to the story this time around. Kenya Moore is set to tell viewers in the reunion telecast that NeNe Leakes allegedly set out to damage her role either on RHOA or in a larger picture, LALATE can report. Moore told news of her allegations just days ago on WWHL.

Second, Andy Cohen just this month in his Ask Andy segment told viewers that Bravo, despite critics, loves re-hiring Moore for RHOA. Cohen said that Moore creates great on-air chemistry and interaction with her viewers and is entertaining.

Hence, the backend of the latest MediaTakeOut report is consistent with both Moore and Cohen’s remarks, that Bravo wants Moore back for another season and won’t follow alleged demands from NeNe.

The report claims that Bravo want Moore back and if NeNe walks she will be replaced by Marlo. “So far Bravo is holding firm – and telling NeNe NO. And get this . . . a little birdie told us that if NeNe does walk . . . that they are willing to discuss possibly bringing NeNe’s ARCH NEMESIS MARLO in as NeNe’s replacement.” As reported recently on LALATE, Marlo allegedly is no longer on Team Rich, but on Team Twirl.

It remains unclear if the MediaTakeOut report is pooling NeNe’s Twitter feeds or not. But just this week, Leakes suggested that she is focused more on production going forward, not reality tv roles. “My production company, Nene Leakes Entertainment, is up and off to the races with projects! Get ready hunni!”

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Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes

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Latest Comments:

7 Responses to 'Nene Leakes to Quit RHOA Because Kenya Moore Rehired by Bravo?'

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  1. Julie C said,

    on February 19th, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    Please LEAVE NENE, you are an embarrasment to this show, they will be better off without you. You are nobody, without the viewers, and we are all pretty sick of you and your antics. Take a Good Long Look At Yourself In The Mirror NeNe, you are NOT Attractive, in any way shape or form. You are RUDE and are responsible for the “Pillow Talk” fiasco. You love to stir the pot. Good Bye NeNe Leakes, go back to your stripper days.

  2. Julie C said,

    on February 19th, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    Your facial expressions say it all! What an ugly woman you truly are. KARMA, does come back at you. Think about Nene, change your ways or you will be a very unhappy person.

  3. Don said,

    on February 20th, 2014 at 8:08 am

    NeNe, now turn this thing around. It’s never too late. Start acting your age and take responsibility for at least some of what has happened. You can come back from this, but tidy up. Show the audience that you are better than this. I’m standing behind you!! Represent!

  4. Pam said,

    on March 12th, 2014 at 11:51 am

    Nene I use to like you in the beginning when you were more real. Today I don’t feel that you are a genuine person. I feel like you’re a fake. You come off really jealous of Kenya and I really don’t like the fact that you started the fight at the pajama party and tried to bully Kenya into taking the responsibility for it. You riled up the other cast member with your confrontational questions and then stepped back and watch your evil work unfold. Then you jumped in the middle like you were trying to stop and calm ever one down and at the same time attacking Kenya, a woman that was just grabbed forcefully by a man. Do you really think we didn’t see Christopher Wiliams grab Kenya’s arm. Then you got the other women to agree with your lie. That’s disgusting, especially coming from you, a woman who claims to care about violence against women. Clearly from the clown act you put on at the charity event in your honor, you really don’t care about women being abused. All you care about is yourself and making money. Trying to block other cast members from getting the spot light. You showed no class at the event in your honor and cared nothing about it’s real purpose. Then you claimed that Kenya never sent or tried to send you information about the event. I don’t believe that for one second. Your hatred for Kenya shines through all you smoke and fluff making you look real stupid and petty. I use to like you because you kept things real, but now all I see is a liar that is using RHOA as a stage to canvas other jobs. You don’t look like you’re all that interested in being on the show anyway and, treat the other cast members as your understudies who are so lucky to be in the same room as you. If you leave I don’t think we would care. The reason that you were admired is gone, like all the guest appearances you had on the New Normal and Glee. I feel that you’re not a very nice person who is trying to pretend to be a better person only to get other jobs elsewhere. You threw your water bottle at Marlo, and in the same breath claimed you’re not going to engage in a confrontation. That’s your M.O. now. You create the fight and then walk off like your the bigger person. You’re so manipulative and self serving. It’s sad to watch how fake you’ve become and how thirsty YOU ARE for a big gig. It’s almost as if you’re fighting Kenya so that she doesn’t get scoped up and offered an role else where. Be happy for others and stop trying to hog the spite light or else you might just lose it. At this point, Kenya and Marlo has up staged you. You’re in the shadows now and being nice nasty and a fake won’t take your 7 ft tall body to the top.

  5. Darlene said,

    on March 12th, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Kenya Moore, the most beautiful woman on RHOA. Very classy and real. I love her so much and would really like for her to find a good man that will take care of her and respect her unlike that silly fool she brought on last season. He was as low as they get and so disrespectful. They other cast members showed how horrible they were when they kept inviting a man to events that Kenya would be at knowing how that grease monkey dealing with busted up cars all day disrespected her. They laughed about it, but frankly I didn’t think it was funny. I felt like that man was emotionally abusive and cold to Kenya. I think she’s been an amazing addition to the show. She’s so funny and carefree despite her issues with her mother, she’s able to somehow forge forward and light up any dull room. I honestly believe that the other women are horribly jealous of Kenya. She’s not only beautiful with her own gorgeous flowing hair, but it seems like some of the other husbands mainly Pheadra’s can’t keep their eyes and attention off her so they say hateful things and lies to make people hate her. It’s not Kenya’s fault that your men secretly want her and can’t keep their eyes off her.It’s not her fault that she takes care of her body and is well put together flawlessly. It’s not her fault that her behind attracts your men attention or her pretty face. These women should be focusing on their own mans behavior and stop targeting Kenya. I’m so sick and tired of some of these women flaunting in her face that they’re married and she’s not. From what I understood, I was told most of the men in Atlanta are DL anyway. The only reason why most of these women are married is because they probably have to pay these men to stay since the woman are the ones with the money. It was alleged that at least two of the “smalls” used their money to trap and get their husband or man and it was alleged that another cast mate had a marriage deal arranged to help one of the husbands cover up some allegations about him being DL brother. From what I see, the only non ghetto behaving woman on that show is Kenya. She can throw shade and still look classy. She kills those bad minded trashy hood rats that hide behind their labels and big house, with kindness and that kills them inside. They know that if they attack Kenya after she’s been so nice, it will expose them for who they really are underneath all the fluff. I think that’s what happened to Nene at the charity event. I feel that Kenya got Nene to expose that she really doesn’t care about the charity for abused women. I feel that Kenya got Nene to expose how little class Nene really has. I feel that Kenya got Nene to show that she’s a liar, since Kenya did try to contact her about the event, but Nene was ignoring her calls or texts. I feel that Kenya was able to expose Nene as a fake. Still I feel that Kenya came out of it smelling like roses while Nene was left smelling like cow manure. Just the other week I saw Kandi trying to fight Cynthia’s sister because she was trying to break up a fight with her boyfriend and Peter. Now that would have been a site to see Kandi getting beat down and swept all over the floor by Malorie only to then watch Kandi hide in the washroom looking at her pitiful face crying in the mirror. I felt like Kandie behaved like the lowest hood rat alive and acted like she was in a gangster video. It was a disgrace to see. How can any man want to be with someone like that, if not for money. Only money would make a man tolerate that kind of behavior from his woman. What happened to being a lady and standing back to let your man take care of things. Is Kandi the man or the woman, cause I was confused.The situation with Kenya being grabbed by a man. Even when Chris William’s grabbed Kenya’s arm, she still handled herself like a lady. I think that Kenya’s kindness has destroyed Nene Leaks, exposing her as the fake she really is. It has made Kenya come off like the caring and thoughtful friend she is. Kenya’s behavior shows a real clever woman who is able to uncover whatever disgusting personalities and pretense these woman try to portray. If one of the woman have an issue with jealousy and insecurity, Kenya is able to expose it and still look good. If one of the women are fake and a snob, Kenya’s nice behavior exposes it. Kenya is not only beautiful but, one smart cookie. Her mischievousness is cute and fun to watch. Nene maybe on to Kenya’s slippery behaviors but she has no clue how to deal with it, without not looking like the bad guy.Those other woman are right to fear her. She’s got all those other ladies were it hurts and knows how to play them all. They better be nice to Ms. Kenya.

  6. Kayla said,

    on March 12th, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    I was just wondering why Nene wears a short wig. Is she bald? Could this be the source of her alleged hate for Kenya who has her own real hair that’s beautiful and flowing. Look at the photo above. Beautiful bubbly smile verse mean, twisted and ugly face. I see now why there is issues.

  7. Leslie said,

    on April 22nd, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Nene Leaks has come a long way, but has she climbed too far away from humility

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