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Chile, Argentina Earthquakes Today 2014 Strike In Morning Hours

Chile, Argentina Earthquakes Today 2014 Strike In Morning Hours

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A series of Chile and Argentina earthquakes today 2014 have struck in the predawn mooring hours, impacting Bolivia as well. The Chile and Argentina earthquakes today February 12, 2014 have been striking in the last few hours on possibly the same fault line. No reports of injuries have yet to be indicates to local news.

The earthquakes began with a 4.6 magnitude Chile quake just after 7:19 am local time today. The quake was deep. It started sixty-four miles below ground level and was thirty-four miles south of Calama. It also began roughly four hundred miles from La Paz, Bolivia, officials tell news.

Then thirty minutes later, a 4.6 magnitude quake hit Argentina. It was less than two hundred miles from Chile. USGS indicates to news that the quake erupted fifteen miles north of Chimbas and was nineteen miles north of San Juan, Argentina. It began fifty-seven miles ground level.

Thereafter the strongest quake this morning struck the region. A 5.5 magnitude Chile quake hit Calama today. It started sixty-one miles below ground level. As a result it felt across a limited region. It began nineteen miles east of Calama. It was one hundred miles east of Tocopilla and one hundred seventy-six miles south of Iquique.

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