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Mega Millions Winning Numbers February 11 Reach $122M Results Tonight

Mega Millions Winning Numbers February 11, 2014 2-11-14 Reach $122M Results Tonight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Mega Millions winning numbers for February 11, 2014 results tonight have reached one hundred twenty-two million dollars, officials tell news. And if no one correctly selects the Mega Millions draw tonight, the payout results could be even higher this Friday. The latest results for 2/11/14 are set to be released to news later tonight. After several draws, there have not been any big winners. But can that change this evening? Draw results for 2-11-14 will be announced just after 11 pm this evening.

The latest Mega Millions winning numbers for February 11, 2014 follow a week with no Powerball winner either. Both draws are growing as a result. Tonight were are at a cash value of sixty-seven million dollars. After last Friday’s draw, however, officials told news that there was at least a single one million dollar winner. There were twenty-three five thousand dollar winners and three fifteen thousand dollar winners that night as well.

One person who knows how to win in February is Carlos Cardenas. The 27 year old just one roughly one million dollars, and he bought his winning ticker in Los Angeles County. He bought five dollars of Mega Millions tickets recently at the Whittier ARCO AMPM gas station (10121 Whittier Blvd.).

When the numbers were announced, he was not listening nor watching. He only checked his numbers days later. “I thought it was an error (after scanning them on the check-a-ticket machine). Me and my brother were like ‘I think it’s broke…it doesn’t work!’” he told news “So I was like, you know what, I’m going to scan it again. I was like, ‘no dude, the same thing happened. It’s not broken! I won it. I did hit it. I won the Mega!!’” For the Mega Millions winning numbers tonight click HERE.

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