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Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks Ignored in NeNe Leaks Blame Game on RHOA

Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks Ignored in NeNe Leaks Blame Game on RHOA

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks’ spin after the RHOA Fight 2014 prompted no reaction from NeNe Leakes this week. NeNe Leakes blames everyone else for what transpired during the RHOA Fight 2014 which delivered noted ratings to Bravo and noted injuries to Brandon DeShazer. After the fight, WWHL asked viewers to voice their decision as to who was to blame for the fight.

Nevertheless, after the fight, Apollo Nida headed to the kitchen back home with Phaedra Parks last Sunday night. Nida spun the situation to claim that he was the victim, even though video aired on Bravo made him appear to be the aggressor against Brandon DeShazer. Since that telecast, Leakes fired back at Kenya Moore and Brandon DeShazer but refused to mention Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks.

While Phaedra Parks does not deny what was aired on Bravo over the last two episodes, on Sunday’s episode she sat calmly back at home as Apollo Nida delivered a big proud grin to talk about the RHOA Fight 2014. Parks tells viewers that she is not making any excuses for Nida. But she allowed Nida to claim himself the victim. Video footage and stills of the show depict that was not the case with Apollo Nida lunging over Brandon DeShazer and pummeling him with his hands.

Even before the fight erupted, Phaedra Parks said that NeNe Leakes was stirring the pot. Leakes tells news that she did not write the questions for Pillow Talk. But Leakes invited her allies including Chuck Smith and Christopher Williams, ready to go after Parks, Burruss and Moore, with a series of questions that were far more directed that typical RHOA shade. Parks and Burruss on camera told viewers that they had desire to play games with Chuck Smith or Christopher Lawrence. Yet, NeNe Leakes tells viewers that her “game” was “fun” before Kenya Moore showed up. Burruss and Parks disagree.

Leakes has since told news “I’ll even accept you saying I stirred the pot, but I can’t take the blame for uncontrollable adults picking up their fists to fight. Everyone is responsible for their own actions! Well, how do you have a debate without controversy? I guess you don’t!”

But Leakes’ allies came with an intended purpose to not boast the “unity” Leakes envisioned. Nevertheless, Leakes is staying with one line argument, consistently, namely that Kenya Moore “charged”. “Thanks to those of you who support me week after week and know that I keep it real and thanks to those of you that can see through the [stories]. For those of you that CAN’T see through the [stories], try Visine, it gets the red out #shade.”

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  1. loucy

    February 25, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    nene & apollo are the gangsters here. Nene was asking in appropriate questions, and apollo was possessed in some way-to act like less than a savage to use his fist at a social gathering. I am out with the Leaks, & Parks. Remove them from the show.

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