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The Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Wins the Bachelor Survives Zorbing

The Bachelor Spoilers 2014: Who Wins the Bachelor Survives Zorbing

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelor 2014 spoilers claim that the show heads to Taupo tonight. Who wins the Bachelor 2014, who does Juan Pablo win, is Juan Pablo now engaged, and are RealitySteve’s spoilers wrong once again? RealitySteve’s The Bachelor 2014 spoilers were unveiled to news last year. At the time he defended them as accurate. But months earlier his Bachelorette spoilers were wrong, despite weeks of defense. After the Bachelorette’s own brother told news that RealitySteve would be proven wrong in the 2013 finale, Steve still held his ground.

And as his spoilers unraveled in the penultimate Bachelorette 2013 episode, Steve was defiant, proudly stating “I broke Twitter last night” as social media unleashed outrage. Of course, spoilers are often wrong. But in the case of who wins the Bachelor, RealitySteve is certain that he will be vindicated this season, asserting that his claim about the Bachelor winner is correct, detailed, and exactly as slated for airing.

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Tonight, the Bachelor 2014 spoilers from RealitySteve focus attention overseas. The show will feature two cuts tonight. Steve tells news that who wins the Bachelor 2014 will tonight (1) have to survive Lak Taupo, and (2) have to survive a double elimination. The telecast will start with a one-on-one date, he claims. Juan Pablo picks Andi Dorfman for the one-one-one time. “They went walking through canyons with waterfalls and thermal springs then had dinner by a geyser. Andi got a rose.”

Then the group date takes an unusual turn. The women are invited as they “played rugby, then went zorbing.” So what is zorbing, Steve asks “Yep, they rolled down hills in giant balls.”

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The group date is held on Cassandra’s birthday. And she is sent home on the group date? “They had their after party at the Lord of the Rings house. During this after party, JP pulled Cassandra aside and eliminated her. How nice of him to look out for her considering it was also Cassandra’s birthday that day. Happy Birthday, Cassandra! Now go home! Sharleen got the group date rose.”

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In the end, Juan Pablo chooses Clare Crawley for another one-one-one date. But does Clare Crawley win the Bachelor? No says Steve. But tonight “She got a rose.” Eventually two women are cut. ” Kat Hurd. Cassandra sent home on group date.”

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So who wins the Bachelor? The final four are Clare Crawley (Sacramento, CA), Nikki Ferrell (St. Louis, MO), Andi Dorfman (Atlanta, GA) and Renee Oteri (Sarasota, FL). According to RealitySteve’s spoilers, Juan Pablo picks Nikki, Juan Pablo allegedly doesn’t propose to Nikki, no engagement occurs, and Juan Pablo doesn’t find lasting love.

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