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Blake Griffin Smacks Justin Bieber in Starbucks? Fake Story Debunked

Blake Griffin Smacks Justin Bieber in Starbucks? Fake Story Debunked

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Blake Griffin smack Justin Bieber inside Starbucks today? A report surfaced online today claiming that Blake Griffin smacked Justin Bieber inside a Los Angeles Starbucks Monday, causing Justin Bieber to fall over and begin crying. The story however is a work of fiction.

The fake Blake Griffin Justin Bieber story surfaced online Monday February 10, 2014 claiming the two ran into each other in Los Angeles, namely inside a Starbucks. The false report claimed an altercation took place this morning in West Hollywood. The fake story claim that Bieber wasn’t wearing his shirt and the store refused to serve him.

A fake source was listed in the article. “He came in with no shirt on and his pants hanging down and underwear showing and tried to order a caramel apple macchiato. I just told him he would have to put a shirt on if he wanted to order.”

The false story further claimed that Blake Griffin was inside the store, intervened, and smacked Bieber. “He smacked the s– out of him” said the fake source. “Then I saw Justin stumble out of the door looking like he was crying.” The false report further claimed that police responded thereafter.

Reports now confirm, such as here, that the entire story is fake. Neither were inside the Starbucks, no police responded, and there was no feud between a shirtless singer and the server of a caramel apple macchiato.

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