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Phaedra Parks, Apollo Divorce? Fans Outraged by Nida RHOA Fight

Phaedra Parks, Apollo Divorce? Fans Outraged by Nida RHOA Fight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida getting divorce, breaking up, or living apart? Last season, a faux Phaedra Parks Apollo Nida divorce storyline struck RHOA. At the time, Parks laughed at a tabloid report presented to her by husband Apollo which claimed she was set to divorce him. But amidst fraud charges against Nida this year, allegations of cheating on RHOA this season, and disturbing exchanges of words on camera by Nida, Parks’ supporters are voicing one resonating message to their RHOA star this season: to curb her husband’s conduct.

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida are not getting divorce. But on, persons claiming to be Parks’ fans are urging her to consider some action to stop Nida’s apparent on-camera antics. Others are concerned about apparent distain projecting scene by scene between the couple.

Currently Parks is trying to promote her new book about class and sophistication at the same time that her husband, an ex convict, is defending himself against federal fraud charges. “If you would like for me to visit your school, church, or business, please send me a detailed message”, Parks tell news. “In closing, please remember that everything is not for everybody; so instead of focusing on what others are doing, pour your energy into being the absolute best YOU.”

Fans on are writing this week their message that Nida needs to improve his conduct towards his wife. “Phaedra you are a smart business woman but you lack common sense in your personal relationship with your spouse. You need to both go to marriage counseling at your church. You need to read the book of Ephesians together. Since your parents are pastors I’m surprised you married this type of man. He is an embarrassment to your family.”

Last weekend, Apollo proudly told news that the he spends “eight thousand dollars” per month “of his own money” on female dancers. Viewers were horrified. How can Apollo afford eight thousand dollar per month, what does he do for a living that earns him so much money, and why isn’t he spending the money on his family instead of himself, or saving it for his children’s future?

One viewer wrote “8k? …. You know there is allot going on with that”. Another remarked “Apollo’s consistent behavior towards Phaedra is more like he resents her instead of loving her.”
One fan commented “I don’t always like the way that Apollo treats you though. However, you may not have to put up with it much longer.”

Man fans wonder if Nida even loves Parks anymore. “Phaedra, does Apollo even LIKE you?” One critic said “I’m not a fan of yours but you don’t deserve a [edited] like Apollo.”

Nida and Parks have refused comment about the fraud charges Nida. Parks is not charged. Nida assures news that he is not divorcing Parks. Parks, however, last year said “Marriage is tough.” She also said “I have a strong marriage…There are no secrets.”

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