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Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker Ignite Peter Thomas, Malorie RHOA Fight

Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker Deliver Peter Thomas, Malorie RHOA Fight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker disagreement with Peter Thomas and Malorie extends the RHOA Fight 2014 tonight. Kandi Burruss says Malorie, Cynthia Bailey’s sister, put her hands on her. Bravo audio picks up Malorie allegedly threatening to hurt Kandi Burruss. But Peter Thomas is accused of coming at Kandi Burruss during the exchange as well. So are Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker married yet, are they still together, and what happened to Mama Joyce.

Tonight on RHOA, Peter Thomas interferes with a conversation that Cynthia is having with Kandi Burruss. He says “So what happened? I missed it. What is going on?” He adds “you are all acting strange.”

Kandi accuses Peter of acting like a fool. “Here comes Peter up on me pumping his chest like you are going to do something. You don’t do that to a woman. You aint checking me.” Peter fumes at Todd “you know the rules”. Todd replies “what rules?”

Bravo makes the fight appear to be between Kandi and Peter. But it is between Kandi and Malorie. Todd pushes Peter and Kandi tries to hold Todd back. Then Malorie goes for Kandi. Kandi shouts at Malorie “Don’t grab me… I will f—you up. You better not put your hands on me, that is what is wrong!”

Kandi further shouts “I would drag in this b-ch. I was not talking to you Peter.” Kandi explains that she was referencing Malorie. “We know her sister will pop me off. You don’t touch me. If you don’t start none, there won’t be none.” She adds “Malorie was trying to reach into me.”

When Kandi tries to leave the party, Peter tells her to stay. “Really? It doesn’t matter about that. I am ready to go.”


  1. Mae

    February 9, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    Omg….Nene is an instagator. She started tonight’s mess. Nadine and her man needs to get a life. Kandi you go girl! Malorie sit your butt down and let Cynthia fend for herself. Cynthia should shut her mouth. Cynthia you are an instigator. You tend to put yourself in everybody’s business. Nene & Cynthia are full of themselves.

  2. DC Suga

    February 10, 2014 at 4:29 am

    NeNe is doing too much! Cynthia is so far up NeNe’s butt, it’s a shame. Kenya should have stayed in her seat. Malorie can get it.Kandi should have put a ring around her eye. All the guys are too caught up in the ladies passa passa.Peter knows what I’m talking bout, with the exception of Greg.He need to put a leash on NeNe. She is the trouble maker. She need somebody like me to check her. But don’t get it twisted I love the show. But now it’s getting to be an embarrassing moment for black folks…it’s shows some of us still don’t know how to act. SMDH.

  3. RoA

    February 16, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    Cynthia is a big liar and have told many lies that started mess. She also backbites a lot..Kenya is low down and Nene is a sneaky instigator while Porsha is just an educated ignorant child who should not been let loose. She is not ready to be a woman, mother or wife. Phaedra needs to be aware of Cynthia…Kandi is the only friend Phaedra has on this show. Todd needs to marry Kandi and not allow anything to break them up…not even “mama joyce” is also not a truth teller but wants to manipulate her daughter for the rest of her life. KANDI! MARRY TODD and live your own life before God and pray. Appollo, listen to your wife…Peter, grow up you and Porsha…Greg act like a husband and tell that woman to shut up and sit down. Porsha, go back home to your mama and finish your childhood training. Kenya, stop being a bully…and a liar…you and Cynthia are terrible. Mal, GO HOME!!!

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