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EPL Table Results 2014: Chelsea Tops English Premier League Rankings

EPL Table Results 2014: Chelsea Tops English Premier League Rankings

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The EPL Table Results 2014 and rankings did not change dramatically this morning. But the English Premier League Standings certainly did get modified yesterday. With two remaining games just concluding this weekend’s schedule, fans now have a new leader atop the EPL Table: Chelsea.

The EPL Table Results 2014 in recent weeks have featured Arsenal and Manchester City swapping the number one position. But as has been reported on LALATE for weeks, the top four teams have been so close in points earned that a dramatic shift is possible week to week. As the season has progressed, however, the battle for the number one position has now been dwindled down to a three team race: Arsenal, Man City, and Chelsea.

This weekend Arsenal headed to the field first in the early Saturday game. And with that match, Arsenal shocked news with a stunning loss. That loss came shortly before City and Chelsea headed to the field for their games. As reported on LALATE at the time, the point spread between Chelsea and City was so close Saturday that a win by one team and a loss by another could result in a new EPL Table leader. However, if Chelsea and City had both won Saturday, we wouldn’t see the outcome we have today.

Chelsea eventually won their Saturday game and City shocked news with a draw. That with Arsenal’s loss moved Chelsea into the number one position. Arsenal was able to retain a number two position and City, which had been first several times this month, moved into third.

This three team battle is far from over. Chelsea has fifty-six points, Arsenal has fifty-five, and City has fifty-four. Less than a one game win separates these three teams.

Meantime, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are now two games out of the top three. Liverpool is back at fifty points, and in fourth position, while Tottenham, which won its game, moved up this morning. The squad took over the fifth position, its best ranking in weeks, and is sporting forty-seven points. Man United, however, remains stuck in seventh, a position it has held for weeks now, and is sporting a mere forty-one points. For the latest EPL Table click HERE.

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