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Brandon Deshazer Broken Ribs Prompts Apollo Nida Twist: EXCLUSIVE

Brandon Deshazer Broken Ribs Prompts Apollo Nida Twist: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Brandon Deshazer’s broken ribs after the Apollo Nida RHOA Fight 2014 are revealed tonight on Bravo. Did Brandon Deshazer suffer broken ribs, is he pressing criminal charges against Apollo, and is Brandon suing the RHOA co-star? Tonight, Brandon Deshazer, who is wrongly labeled for two seasons as “Kenya Moore’s assistant”, returns to the telecast to discuss his broken ribs. At the time of filming, Deshazer jetted out of Atlanta back to Los Angeles to heal, LALATE can report. It remains unclear how soon after the RHOA fight tonight’s scene between him and Kenya was filmed. And while Deshazer is not yet commenting about possible charges against Nida, LALATE can exclusively report the RHOA employment contract prohibits cast members from suing one another in civil court for damages suffered during filming.

The Brandon Deshazer broken ribs injuries are revealed Sunday. Nevertheless Nida tells his wife Phaedra Parks that he was the alleged victim, not Brandon. It remains unclear if Nida has seen images of himself on in which he is attacking Brandon, from above, as Parks tries to pull Nida off of Brandon.

Moore apologizes for the conduct appearing on camera this season. “With that said, I wholeheartedly apologize for the fact that anyone had to witness this behavior or that any persons would stand on the wrong side of right to prove a point to themselves. I do not condone violence on any level. We fight people daily for respect, for our rights and for our dignity. There’s no excuse for this type of behavior.”

LALATE can exclusively report that Brandon may not be permitted to sue Apollo for damages suffered. LALATE has obtained excerpts of the employment contract for stars on RHOA. Kim Zolciak has stated in public previously that “In order to appear as a character on Real Housewives of Atlanta, each participant must enter into a Talent Agreement. The Talent Agreement sets forth compensation, exclusivity, term and certain other restrictions including and agreement not to sue fellow cast participants regarding matters that occurred on the show.”

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Bravo’s True employment agreement, at paragraph 13 states, expressly prohibits one cast member from suing another for conduct that occurred during filming. So can ex-convict allegedly break your ribs on camera and not get sued while filming for Bravo? Bravo’s RHOA contract states “Artist … releases each of the Release Parties from an all claims … arising out of or resulting from, or by reason of Artist’s participation in connection with the Series… Artist also agrees not to sue or institute any other legal proceeding against any of the released Parties based on any of the Released Claims hereunder. As used above, the term ‘Released parties’ shall mean and refer to Producer, the network all television stations… the other participants in the Series”.

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Kenya Moore tells new that Nida attacked without any reason. “Apollo clearly and without provocation attacked and brutally battered Brandon. The alteration was contained and nonviolent until Apollo charged Brandon and started relentlessly beating him. Brandon could send him behind bars for an automatic felony.” She adds “However, that is Brandon’s decision alone to make. My only concern was for Brandon’s safety. When NeNe charged at me and tried to blame me really showed how irrational and manipulative she could be. There is no alternate universe that would hold me accountable for Apollo assaulting Brandon. Apollo is a convicted felon having served 6 years in prison. He is a liar and he is out of control.”

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