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EPL Table Results Today Ignite English Premier League Rankings Feb 8

EPL Table Results Today Ignite English Premier League Rankings Feb 8 standings 2/8/14

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – EPL Table Results today February 8, 2014 are prompting changes in the English Premier League Rankings. The EPL Table and results got off to a stunning start this morning when Liverpool beat number one Arsenal. And with Manchester City expected to win their game, fans already have a new squad atop the EPL Table.

The EPL Table Results today 2/8/14 remain still in flux for the English Premier League Rankings. Moments ago, the table was updated with the results from the Liverpool win. At the moment, Chelsea is in first place with fifty-six points, Arsenal, is in second with fifty-five and Manchester City is in third with fifty-four. Liverpool follows with fifty and Everton is in first with forty-five.

If City wins their game, then Manchester City would move back into first place. But that will happen only if Chelsea does not win their Saturday match.

Elsewhere, there is a tight grouping of teams starting at the tenth position. From tenth to eighteenth position, there is only currently a five point spread. As a result, teams like Aton Villa, Hull City and others are seeking to break out of this bottom ten in the EPL Table. For the latest EPL Table click HERE.

Meantime the later game to head to the field today is Swansea City vs. Cardiff City. Swansea interim head coach Garry Monk told his team’s news site this week “You have seen my thoughts on the derby before. It’s massive. The circumstances make it even bigger but we are focused on the football now. We lost the first game at their place and they will want to do us at our place. These are the sorts of games you want to play in and be a part of.”

Cardiff boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remarked this week about the changes at Swansea. He told his team’s news site “You cannot foresee how it goes for a team with a new manager, I will concentrate on my team and Garry will concentrate on his. We are burning to create history, we can do the double. We can create and repeat history.” He added “We can become the first side to do the double, but we won there before when Craig Bellamy scored the winner at the Liberty, so we can go create and repeat history at the same time.”

But Monk is ready for a big win today. “I can deal with whatever pressure is put on me. I know the boys well and they know me.” He added “We have to keep the city and the fans and everyone at the club together. If we do that, it’s all anyone cares about. We will put a bit of the Swansea way back into things. I will do anything for the club. It’s my club. I’ve felt like that since I came here. I will do any job here.

Monk further told news “It doesn’t come much harder than having a derby first. I don’t want to talk about or think about relegation. We are in a good position and we need to push on. That’s all we’ve said this week. All I care about it Saturday, I can’t think any differently.”

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