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Mega Millions Winning Numbers February 7 Results Reach $107M

Mega Millions Winning Numbers February 7 Results Reach $107M

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Mega Millions winning numbers for February 7, 2014 results have now reached one hundred seven million dollars. They are carrying a cash option of $59 million as well, officials tell news. But after no one selected the Mega Millions winning number last Tuesday, could there be a big winner in results tonight? The final numbers will be announced to news just after 11 pm EST tonight.

The latest Mega Millions winning numbers for 2/7/14 are carrying one of the largest lottery payouts this year, officials tell news. One person who knows how to win at the beginning of the year is Angel Guallpa-Mayancela. He was the sole winner of the January 25, 2013 draw. He won the “$89 million annuity jackpot which equates to a $65.7 million cash payout”, officials told news a the time.

“I’ve been telling my wife that someday she would be married to a millionaire because I am a hard worker. So when I told her that I had won the Mega Millions $65 million jackpot, she didn’t believe me,” said Mayancela in a news statement.

Carole Hedinger, NJ Lottery Executive Director, told news at the time “Along with Angel’s good fortune, and that of all of the winning players, this jackpot roll has generated an estimated contribution of more than $5.6 million to support our State sponsored institutions and educational programs,” said Hedinger. “New Jersey businesses also profit from this game roll and every game sponsored by the NJ Lottery.”

When asked about Angel’s future, Hedinger remarked “This is a life-changing moment for Angel and his family and we wish them well in all of their future endeavors.” For live Mega Millions results tonight click HERE.

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