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Top Chef New Orleans Winner 2014: Who Wins Finale Results, Nina, Nick?

Top Chef New Orleans Winner 2014: Who Wins, Nina Compton Nicholas Elmi  in live results tonight Finale

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins Top Chef New Orleans 2014, who is the Top Chef 2014 winner this season, does Nina Compton win, or does Nicholas Elmi deliver an upset in results tonight for February 5, 2014? The lack of Top Chef New Orleans spoilers online for weeks has prompted LALATE to predict that Nina would be in the finals. Last week that came true. After questions about who wins Last Chance Kitchen 2014, and who will make the final three, Bravo revealed last week that frontrunner Nina Compton originally from Saint Lucia is heading to the finals. But does Nicholas pull off an upset?

The Top Chef New Orleans 2014 winner tonight will be either Nina or Nick. And for weeks, Nina has been the apparent likely winner while Nick, according to Bravo’s on-screen polls, has not resonated particularly well among many viewers. From early in the season, it appeared likely that Nina had a chance to head to the finals. Early on, Tom asked “where is she from”? A native of St Lucia, her training has impacted the judges dramatically. Nina has trained in “French, Caribbean and Italian kitchens.” That breath of training has delivering surprising dishes weeks to week. But where does Nina work now? She is currently Chef de Cuisine, Scarpetta Miami, Fontainebleu Hotel, Bravo tells news.

Some critics have been impressed with the cooking this season but not necessarily the programming twists. As covered extensively on LALATE, last year the show brought back the Last Chance Kitchen winner into a final three format. This year, the Last Chance Kitchen winner, Louis Maldonado, was brought back into the show in the penultimate episode, but in a field of four not three contestants.

This week, the show ditches its live finale format from last season. It also gets rid of the multiple round of cooking, using a point system, employed last season in the finale. Rather Bravo explains that tonight’s episode features “the final two chefs” and their attempt to “execute the best service of their lives while opening pop-up restaurants to win the title and the bragging rights to be ‘Top Chef.’”

Nicholas Elmi has landed in the bottom several weeks, and has won several rounds of the competition. And where does Nicholas work now? “In the fall of 2013, Nicholas is opening French/American restaurant, Laurel, at 1617 East Passyunk Avenue in Philadelphia”. For live results tonight click HERE.


  1. Frankie

    February 16, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    Tom should not be a judge.. He is bias and clearly manipulated the outcome…

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