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Top Chef New Orleans Winner 2014: Nicholas Elmi Wins Season 11 Finale

Top Chef New Orleans Winner 2014: Nina Compton Wins Season 11 Finale who won tonight results

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who won Top Chef New Orleans 2014? The Top Chef New Orleans winner 2014 for Season 11 is Nicholas Elmi. With tonight’s finale results, the chef contestant won not only the title of Top Chef New Orleans Season 11 but also one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars. The finale competition was between Nina Compton, 34 of Miami, Florida, original of Saint Lucia, and Nicholas Elmi, 32, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, originally from West Newbury, Massachusetts.

Top Chef New Orleans winner 2014 followed an even more exciting penultimate episode last week. The judges brought all four remaining chefs back last week for the final elimination, a double elimination. In the penultimate episode in Hawaii, Tom Colicchio told the four remaining contestants that the win that night would give the competitor an extra advantage in the finale. As the four contestants prepared for presentation in that episode, rain came down. With four contestants remaining – Louis Maldonado, Shirley Chung, Nicholas Elmi, and Nina Compton – Tom Colicchio told the final four that there would be a double elimination. Eventually, in the end, Nina and Louis were sent home leaving Nicholas Elmi and Nina Compton heading to the finale and tonight’s episode.

Tonight, the finale started with Nicholas Elmi and Nina Compton back in a restaurant war. “Nina Compton wowed with her worldly cuisine”, Bravo told viewers. While “French trained Nicholas Elmi, pushed himself to the limit.” Nick remarked “I know I stumbled into the finale. But now I am ready to win.” Nina remarked “coming into Hawaii, Nick won both competitions.”

Tonight, Tom revealed the competition. “You will be taking over a restaurant, making it your own, and doing a four course meal.” They added that Nick will have an extra advantage coming into the finals. Later, Nina is derailed in the food preparation when she learns that her ice cream dishes must be scratched. Her restaurant does not have an ice cream maker. But she rebounds quickly.

In the final judging, the  competition is down to a 2 course vs 2 course split. “There was a loud crash and we heard a lot of shouting.” Nick delivered “an under seasoned piece of fish”, Tom told news. But then Tom said of Nick’s second course “I thought this was the best dish of the season”. Several judges said Nina’s second course was the best of the season.

Then came the scores. On first course, the judges thought Nina won. On the second course,  Nina won again. On the third course, the judges chose Nick. And on the last course,  the judges picked Nick.  “We have a tie”, said the judges. At this point, the judges considered service, and other issues.  With that, the show went to commercial.

But in the end, your Top Chef New Orleans 2014 winner was revealed as … Nicholas Elmi.

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