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Who Wins The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo: Bachelor Spoilers Name Winner

Who Wins The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo: Bachelor Spoilers Name Winner  Nikki Ferrell

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins the Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo? The Bachelor spoilers 2014 have named a winner. And tonight she earns yet another rose on ABC. But are’s Bachelor spoilers fake or real? Does Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell get married, are they still together, and do they even get engaged? The latest round of Bachelor Spoilers named Nikki Ferrell the winner. But Steve is coming off his dramatically wrong season with The Bachelorette 2013. And despite criticism of reporting a wrong spoiler that season, and defending it down to the final episode, RealitySteve assures news that he know who wins the Bachelor 2014 this time around.

The latest Bachelor 2014 spoilers claim that this season’s winner is Nikki Ferrell and that she wins, yet another, rose tonight on ABC. RealitySteve tells new that the show heads to Da Nang, Vietnam tonight February 3, 2014. But while the cast starts with eleven women tonight, the show ends with only eight remaining women.

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So who does not make the Top Ten on the Bachelor 2014 this season? Renee Oteri is not among them. She gets the first date tonight. RealitySteve tells news “She got fitted for a custom dress, went shopping, and they walked around town before having dinner. Apparently Renee was one of the last people to kiss Juan Pablo out of respect for her son, so I don’t think there was any making out on this date. Renee got a rose.”

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Then a group date sends the women on water buffalos. But from that, only Clare gets the rose. Steve tells news that “9 girls (Sharleen, Kelly, Kat, Alli, Danielle, Clare, Chelsie, Andi, and Cassandra) went paddling rice boats down a river, and ended up at a Vietnamese family’s house, where they made their own dinner. After dinner, they rode water buffaloes.”

Steve tells news that Nikki, his purported 2014 winner, gets another rose tonight. “1-on-1 date: Nikki Ferrell. They went cave diving then had dinner in a cave. Nikki got a rose.”

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Several weeks have passed with Nikki earning consecutive roses. From that standpoint, she appears to be the frontrunner. But in the end, who wins the Bachelor? RealitySteve’s Bachelor 2014 claims Nikki wins this season, that Juan Pablo picks Nikki, that he does not propose to her, that there is no engagement, and that the two do not stay together after the show ends filming. And why did Juan Pablo not find love with the woman he gave a rose to, week to week, this season? RealitySteve claims to have knowledge that Juan Pablo allegedly was more interested in being on television that finding true love.

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For tonight, three women are sent home. Steve claims there are Kelly Travis, Alli Restko, & Danielle Ronco Next week, the show cuts two cast members as the production head to New Zealand. As filming moves to Lake Taupo, episode six ends with only a Top 6 for this season.

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