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Brandon Deshazer, Apollo Nida RHOA Fight Prompts Pheadra Parks Spin

Brandon Deshazer, Apollo Nida RHOA Fight Prompts Pheadra Parks Spin

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Brandon Deshazer, Apollo Nida RHOA Fight 2014 continues tonight with Phaedra Parks, Peter Thomas, and Apollo spinning the telecast. The Brandon Deshazer Apollo Nida fight on Real Housewives of Atlanta erupted during 2013 filming, as reported exclusively on LALATE at time. Tonight the second half of the fight and the aftermath between Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks continues. Moore calls Nida “an animal” while Apollo says Kenya Moore’s friend Brandon Deshazer allegedly had “rage in his eyes”.

The Brandon Deshazer Apollo Nida fight left Kenya Moore’s friend with a cracked rib. Brandon tells Kenya that Apollo allegedly “cracked my rib. You know that is? Automatic felony.” Brandon tells Kenya his impressions of the fight. But Apollo’s version might leave some fans rolling their eyes. Apollo claims that he came to allegedly aid Brandon.

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Phaedra is heard telling Apollo during fight to leave the party. “I get it Apollo. But we are not going to act like this. You have two ground sons. We need to leave Apollo.” But Parks’ husband refuses to listen. “Apollo let’s go.” At that point, Parks shouts “Apollo no!” A screengrab of the telecast HERE shows Apollo over Brandon while Parks is trying to pull Apollo back.

Last season, Kenya Moore claimed that Apollo approached her off-camera looking for acting coaches. Tonight, Apollo tries to convincingly tell the camera his side of the fight. But is he convincing in his “reality” role?

Parks says “I am very irritable today. I did not do well on the test. And I didn’t embalm any bodies. I need some time to myself.” Apollo says he is upset that someone allegedly hit him. “So last night was rather ridiculous. It really is a shame. I mean the thought that someone would hit me when I am trying to diffuse the situation.”

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Nida further tells news “Brandon fell on the bean bag. That is when I put my shoes on. When he was getting off the bean bag that is when I put my shoes on. When I saw him get off the bean bag, I saw this rage in his eyes. Whatever I was trying to do was not appropriate. All I know is that I got hit and it got carried away.”

Parks is bothered by Nida’s tale. “I just hate that these things draw stereotypes. You do not conduct yourself. I am not downplaying Apollo’s role in this mess. But if Kenya had remained in her seat none of this would have happened.”

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