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Top Chef New Orleans 2014 Winner: Who Wins After Last Chance Kitchen?

Top Chef New Orleans 2014 Winner: Who Wins After Last Chance Kitchen

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Top Chef New Orleans 2014 winner is set to be announced over a two part finale. Who won Last Chance Kitchen 2014, who wins Top Chef New Orleans 2014, what are Top Chef spoilers saying about a possible winner, and is Nina Compton the frontrunner? For Top Chef fans, a programming change erupted last week and continued tonight. During the 2013 season, Top Chef fans watched as the Last Chance Kitchen winner was brought back into the competition against two chefs (Brooke and Sheldon) remained. But tonight, the part one Top Chef finale starts with Last Chance Kitchen winner Louis Maldonado facing three remaining contestants.

Previous Louis defeated Carlos in the final Last Chance Kitchen online episode to air this year on Now Louis is back into the competition. And fans tonight get to learn if he can do what Kristen Kish achieved in the season finale in 2013.

But while Kristen re-entered to face two remaining contestants – arguably a more exciting programming tactic – tonight Louis reenters to face three chef-testants. They are Nicholas Elmi, Nina Compton and Shirley Chung. Unfortunately they have been no good online Top Chef 2014 spoilers this season suggesting who might win. But by all indications, Nina appears to be the front runner with Louis as a potential candidate as well. UPDATE: Eliminated tonight were Louis and Shirley.

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  1. Joanne

    February 8, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    I truly believe they made the wrong choice with the winner. Nick May have cooked good food, but he was not a good man. He should have taken responsibility when his team lost. He caused the failure. If I was in a restaurant and heard the chef swear, I would be so out of there. Food may be important, but so is attitude.

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