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Phaedra Parks Divorce Denial: Apollo Nida Bank Fraud Charges Hit RHOA

Phaedra Parks Divorce? Apollo Nida Bank Fraud Charges Strike RHOA

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Phaedra Parks divorce fake storyline shocked Apollo Nida last season on RHOA. Now Apollo Nida bank fraud charges are shocking Parks. Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida has been charged with bank fraud and identity theft. He is out on bail. Tonight on RHOA, meantime, an Apollo Nida fight allegedly strikes Brandon DeShazer and Kenya Moore.

Parks in 2010 did not file for divorce from Nida. But during the 2013 season of RHOA, Bravo – which loves faux breakup storylines – pushed a fake divorce storyline on Parks and Nida. Amidst the latest bank fraud allegations, many are wondering if Parks will divorce Apollo this time around. And while Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks are not talking about the current case to news, in 2010 Parks said that her husband is the “Martha Stewart” of RHOA. She additionally went on to compare Nida to Malcolm X and said that others should believe in his “redemption” from his “past”. Ironically, federal prosecutors claim Nida’s current conduct was underway at the time that Parks wrote her blog post on in 2010.

Why did Phaedra marry Apollo in the first place? In 2010, Parks talked extensively about the subject. “Yes, my husband is a convicted non-violent offender, but I did not marry him because of his past, I married him because I love him. I married him because I’m a Christian, and I know that your past does not dictate your future.”

Parks in multiple reunion shows had to defend and often clarify to viewers what exactly Apollo served prison time for originally. But in 2010, Parks told viewers that Nida is a poster child of redemption no different than Martha Stewart and Malcolm X. “Charles Dutton was a convicted violent offender before he was the beloved actor, playwright, and director we know him as now. Martha Stewart, Michael Vick, and even Don King are convicted felons who served time and still make a difference. Prison didn’t stop Malcolm X, it enlightened him and gave him the perseverance to fight for others.”

Parks moreover told news that “I am confident in the depths of my husband’s character”. And while Parks did not like Bravo bringing up Nida’s past, now the focus is on Apollo’s present alleged criminal conduct. “The gossiping about my husband’s past fills me with great sorrow”, she wrote four years ago.” Parks moreover asserted that persons “should really be ashamed of themselves” about bringing up Apollo’s past.

Apollo is currently out on a $25,000 bond. And since being on bail, he appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen. It remains unclear when Bravo first learned about this criminal matter. Cohen asked no questions of Nida about the case.

Nida will head back to court for preliminary hearing February 12. Prosecutors claim the conduct started in 2009. One year after that alleged conduct started, Parks wrote the now infamous blog post to ” I trust, love, and believe in him. He is a blessing, and each day I am filled with an even stronger sense of gratitude for him.” It remains unknown if Parks will defend Nida. Parks last year represented Kandi Burruss in her lawsuit against Kim Zolciak. Parks lost that case. It was prompting dismissed months after being filed.


  1. Ruth Leslie

    January 28, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    It seems a wife and kids was not enough to make Apollo change his behavior. I hope the allegations aren’t true. Phaedra’s story line was getting boring so this might help her stay on the show.

  2. Shady Phae-Phae

    February 4, 2014 at 9:01 am

    Anyone who claims Phaedra didn’t know/wasn’t in on this is on the naive side of stupid.

    I ask you this: Say you were making hundreds of thousands per year running a multi-person crime operation. Could you keep the source of your (giant) income from your spouse? You know, the one you file taxes with each year, budget for your family with and spend every day living in the same house with?

    Most of us can barely hide it when we overspend on a handbag or night out with the boys, much less hiding a massive crime op that brings in a fortune.

    If Angela Stanton is to be believed, Phaedra not only knew about the auto title fraud, she spearheaded it. Saying she just “fell for” Apollo and was “blinded by love” is whitewashing the reality–that she had knowledge of his criminal activities at best or was masterminding them at worst. She IS a high-powered lawyer and TV star, you know.

    I’d like to see her be forced to pay back all the book royalties she siphoned from Stanton via lawsuits…right before going in the clink with her lowlife husband.

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